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Medical Residents To Receive Education On Negative Health Effects Of ‘Climate Change’ – But Reality Rejects This Latest Nonsense August 2020: Scientific American: ‘What Climate Change Does to the Human Body’ – Doctor: ‘In my own practice, I explain to patients how the climate crisis affects their health’ The climate activists have seen how emotional and effective death tolls can be to get the public to accept more government control and as a […]

Physicist: Upcoming Grand Solar Minimum Could Wipe Out Global Warming for Decades Unknown to most people except those with an interest in solar science, the sun is about to shut down. Well, not completely – we’ll still have plenty of sunlight and heat, but the small dark blotches on the sun’s surface called sunspots, visible in the figure below, are on the verge of disappearing. According […]

NPR’s Claims on Heatwaves, Drought, Fires Prove False By H. Sterling Burnett NPR’s “All Things Considered” program is claiming climate change is causing in increase in heatwaves, drought, and wildfires. Utilizing supposition instead of data, NPR presents no scientific evidence to back up its claim that any heatwave, drought, or wildfire must be caused by climate change. Government climate and weather data, […]

AP Pushes Sea-Level Alarmism For Island Nations Despite No Acceleration By H. STERLING BURNETT Among the top Google News search results today for “climate change” is the Associated Press (AP) story, “Leaders to UN: If the virus doesn’t kill us, climate change will.” In the article, the AP claims that some island nations like Tuvalu will completely disappear within 75 years due to rising […]

Forget The Russians! NATO To Combat Climate Change! – ‘An exercise in virtue signalling’ By Paul Homewood Now NATO want to fight climate change! Growing up in Norway, I learnt in school that temperatures in Svalbard, arctic home of the polar bear, would hardly ever rise above freezing. But this year, thermostats in Svalbard reached a record 21.7 degrees. And this is just the latest peak in a […]

A (Michael) Manntastic 60 minutes interview yields nothing new By Anthony Watts Hero of the climate movement Dr. Mann, humbly takes credit for predicting western wildfires on CBS ’60 Minutes”. I knew about this segment well in advance, but couldn’t bring myself to watch. On the plus side, Mann admits “We’re sorry that we failed.” The full video and transcript here Some excerpts: […]

Earth’s Oceans Used To Be 20-25°C Warmer Than They Are Today Earth’s Oceans Used To Be 20-25°C Warmer Than They Are TodayNoTricksZone: Not here to worship what i… / by Kenneth Richard /  Today’s global ocean temperatures hover around 15°C on average. About 400 to 500 million years ago, Earth’s ocean temperatures averaged 35-40°C and atmospheric CO2 concentrations were “5-10x higher than present day values” (Henke et al., […]