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Pelosi: ‘Resilient’ Is Now Code for ‘Green’ Because ‘The Word ‘Green’ Is Scary to Some People’

By Craig Bannister

Democrats have renamed their climate agenda action items “resilient,” because people have become turned off by the word “green,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday during a press conference.

Expressing hope that some of the climate actions proposed by House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis Chair Rep. Kathy Castor’s (D-Fla.) report could be included in an infrastructure bill, Speaker Pelosi revealed that now, when Democrats like former Vice President Joe Biden say “resilient,” they actually mean “green.”

Democrats adopted the code word because people are now afraid of “green,” Speaker Pelosi told reporters:

“I wish that…we could pass a bill having some of those green – resilient, we call it resilient, because ‘Green’ is a word that is scary to some of the people around here.

So, when Joe Biden says, ‘Build back better,’ that better includes building back in a way that is resilient, that is green, that protects the planet.”

In February of last year, Pelosi reportedly disparaged the moniker of Democrats’ “Green New Deal” by referring to it as “The Green Dream, or whatever they call it.”

Climate Depot Publisher Marc Morano, who stars alongside actor Kevin Sorbo in the upcoming Climate Hustle 2 documentary skeptical of radical environmental policies, tells that the change to “resilient” is proof that even some Democrats have doubts about the Green New Deal:

“Pelosi knows just how toxic the Green New Deal has become to many Americans, including many Democrats. Pelosi’s morphing from calling it the ‘green dream’ to now avoiding the word ‘green’ in favor of ‘resilient’ shows just how uneasy many of the Democratic leadership is with the Green New Deal.”