Warmists new study finds even ‘climate progressive’ nations far short of adopting UN Paris climate pact goals

Kevin Anderson is a professor of energy and climate change, working between the Universities of Manchester, Uppsala and Bergen.


Excerpt: Away from the eloquent rhetoric of decoupling and polished images of technological solutions, today’s climate strategies implicitly reject Paris in favour of placating business-as–usual.

As our paper concludes, delivering mitigation rates aligned with “well below 2°C” is now incompatible with the dominant economic model. Whilst a revolutionary shift to zero carbon technologies is a prerequisite of Paris, it is far from sufficient. Only if accompanied by policies informed by equity, within and between nations, and a reframing of what constitutes value, progress and good lives, is a timely transformation to a decarbonised future possible. Perhaps if there is any silver lining to the Covid tragedy, it is that we have seen that rapid and progressive change for the collective good is possible.

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