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Activists call for climate change to be listed as cause of death on death certificates

– The Washington Times 

The environmental cause just took an unusual new turn.

“Professors in academia are touting a new study that is being used to call for climate change to be added as a cause of death on death certificates,” writes Marc Morano, founder of Climate Depot, a news site which tracks alarmist reports and research trends.

The academic and professors appear quite taken with a study published in The Lancet Planetary Health this month by the Australian National University Medical School.

“Climate change is a killer, but we don’t acknowledge it on death certificates,” the study authors noted.

“Death certification needs to be modernized, indirect causes should be reported, with all death certification prompting for external factors contributing to death, and these death data must be coupled with large-scale environmental datasets so that impact assessments can be done,” the authors wrote.

“Given the focus on COVID-19 infection rates and death tolls, it appears the climate activists in academia may want in on the scary and emotional death toll counts in order to draw attention back to their climate cause,” Mr. Morano explained.