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USA Today ‘Fact check’: ‘The coronavirus pandemic isn’t slowing climate change’ The claim: Drops in carbon emissions aren’t enough to significantly curb climate change With the coronavirus pandemic shutting down most global activity, a consequent crash in global carbon emissions has been widely reported. While analysts agree the historic lockdowns will significantly lower emissions, some environmentalists argue the drop is nowhere near enough. “Hey so […]

‘COVID-19 is a practice run for climate change’ – Claims: ‘There are four main ways’ COVID-19 & climate ‘are similar’ By KATE KRESSMANN-KEHOE Refrigerated trucks parked outside hospitals, being loaded up with bodies. Nurses wearing garbage bags to protect themselves against a lethal virus. Health systems in crisis in New York, Italy, and Brazil. Gun-carrying protestors overrunning statehouses in the U.S. Nearly one out of five in the American workforce unemployed. The economic future […]

Beyond parody: CNN taps Greta Thunberg for expert coronavirus panel

Greta shifted quickly to a virus activist. She is already serving as a virus expert to the media. — Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) May 13, 2020 by Brad Polumbo  | May 13, 2020 10:47 AM The brave, hard-hitting journalists over at CNN are hosting a town hall Thursday evening on Coronavirus: Facts and Fears. Our First […]

The Coming Oil Boom: Covid lockdowns ‘unlikely to hasten the demise of oil’ The Coming Oil Boom The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) / by bennypeiser / If history is a guide, an oil price boom is coming after the pandemic-generated crash. While the near-term demand picture is highly uncertain, as people reconsider their travel and work habits, this latest bust, the worst of them all, is […]

Twisting the Knife: European lawmakers consider tougher climate law Twisting the Knife: European lawmakers consider tougher climate law Watts Up With That? / by Charles Rotter / 3d From Reuters Kate Abnett (Reuters) – European Union lawmakers are considering toughening the bloc’s planned climate law, with stricter near-term emission goals and a binding commitment for every member state to decarbonize by 2050, according […]

USA Today Pushes Climate Panic – Hypes ‘3 Billion will live in extreme heat by 2070’ USA Today Pushes Climate Panic Tallbloke’s Talkshop / by oldbrew / 1d . . Is there a legal limit to the more outlandish claims of climate alarmists, or if not, why not? PA Pundits – International By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ I recently described the all too often case where extreme computer modeling results […]

Green-Energy Crime: Endangered Red Kite Bird Blocking Wind Farm Found Shot Dead Green-Energy Crime: Endangered Red Kite Blocking Wind Farm Found Shot Dead Climate Change Dispatch / by Pierre Gosselin / 1d Red kites and wind power just do go well together. These predatory birds can find good prey, especially where farmers mow meadows or plow fields. Lethal are cases such as the one in Baden-Württemberg, […]

Survey: Most Firms ‘Care’ About Green Energy – Virtue signaling ‘delusions’ – 70% of businesses to shun ‘non-green’ suppliers Most Firms “Care” About Green Energy-Survey Finds Not A Lot Of People Know That / by Paul Homewood / 1d By Paul Homewood I was sent this survey by an outfit called EnergyBillKill, essentially an energy broker like uSwitch. The most revealing section was this:  There are two distinct elements: 1) […]

Trump Admin Approves 11-Square-Mile Solar Array, Largest In US Trump Admin Approves 11-Square-Mile Solar Array, Largest In US Climate Change Dispatch / by Josh Siegel / The Trump administration approved a proposal Monday to construct and operate the largest solar power project in U.S. history, issuing a final permit for a massive facility just north of Las Vegas. The $1 billion Gemini project […]