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Survey: Most Firms ‘Care’ About Green Energy – Virtue signaling ‘delusions’ – 70% of businesses to shun ‘non-green’ suppliers

Most Firms “Care” About Green Energy-Survey Finds

Not A Lot Of People Know That / by Paul Homewood / 1d

By Paul Homewood

I was sent this survey by an outfit called EnergyBillKill, essentially an energy broker like uSwitch.
The most revealing section was this:

There are two distinct elements:

1) The first is that 70% of businesses believe that within the next 10 years, businesses will not give business to ‘non-green’ suppliers.
This is how mass delusion begins.
Just because a company signs up with a so-called green energy supplier does not mean it is actually buying green energy, or even contributing to a national increase in such.
As we have seen so often before, the amount of renewable energy generated within the national system is fixed, determined by the capacity available. Just because Company X signs a deal with Green Energy Company Y does not alter that fact. It simply means that Company Y sells meaningless bits of paper to Company X, to “prove” that it only buys renewable energy.
Many firms probably realise all of this, but still worry that other firms won’t deal with them if they refuse to virtue signal too.
They have no interest in “being green”. They are just scared of being seen “not to be green”.
Will somebody have the courage to stand up and tell the emperor he has no clothes on?
2) 44% also apparently believe that green energy is actually cheaper.
Obviously nobody has told them that they, and every other consumer in the UK, are paying through the teeth to subsidise the billions sent to renewable energy producers every year.
Whatever deals they get from Good Energy, or whoever, don’t reflect the actual costs of wind or solar energy.
Ironically, as I have found myself, small “green” suppliers can often undercut the bigger suppliers because they have not got the extra cost of smart meter rollout and other green impositions.

Be careful what you wish for, the saying goes.
When the nation has gone 100% renewable, don’t say you were not warned!!