Last night, CFACT’s Marc Morano and Heartland Institute president James Taylor teamed up for what turned out to be a lively internet discussion on Zoom. It was part of CFACT’s ongoing new “Truth Talks” – a series designed to keep debate alive by talking with experts and addressing pressing policy matters during this difficult time of lockdown.

The response by the public was impressive. Indeed, over 500 attendees registered for the event. Moderated by our own Adam Houser, folks tuned in to hear the discussion not just from the United States, but also from Canada, Brazil, and Chile and many other parts of the world. It was truly a great evening!

If you missed it, be sure to watch the event in its entirety here.

See Morano’s full report here:

Put to Marc and James last night was the task of answering this very important question: Is the coronavirus lockdown the future environmentalists want?

Marc Morano kicked things off by explaining that the climate Left has been clamoring for coronavirus-style lockdowns for years. These radical activists and bureaucrats are desperate to keep the shutdown going in the name of “climate action.”

“Lockdowns…this is what the climate community has preached for decades about global warming! And particularly, in the last couple years, [they wanted to impose] through the Green New Deal,” Marc said. “The climate activists for lack of a better word, are jealous!”

James Taylor analyzed statements from global bureaucrats such as the World Health Organization (WHO), revealing their true motivations.

“Another WHO official said, and here’s a quote: ‘What the COVID crisis exposes, is that we can do things differently. We must not go back to the status-quo. We cannot do that.’ To say that we should have a permanent, current situation of lockdowns and shutdowns and restrictions on freedoms, is just unbelievable that people might accept that,” Taylor said.

A great question and answer period followed James and Marc’s presentations, with questions covering a range of topics extending from climate change to government overreach.

While climate radicals drool over the shutdown of the global economy, our fight for freedom must go on.

As James Taylor said toward the end of the event: “This is a bait and switch at the expense of our most important and basic freedoms.”

To be sure, the climate radicals must not prevail. Let’s not permit them to keep our freedoms on perpetual lockdown.