Watch: Morano & Heartland’s James Taylor expose climate the lockdown aspirations of green movement   CFACT & Heartland expose lockdown aspirations of climate radicals By Craig Rucker |May 1st, 2020 Last night, CFACT’s Marc Morano and Heartland Institute president James Taylor teamed up for what turned out to be a lively internet discussion on Zoom. It was part of CFACT’s ongoing new “Truth Talks” – a series designed to […]

Watch: Michael Shellenberger on Andrew Bolt praises Michael Moore’s new film Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain April 28 at 4:54 PM ·  GREENS FURIOUS AS MICHAEL MOORE EXPOSES RENEWABLES SCAM A new documentary that sheds light on the renewable energy scam has caused greenies worldwide to meltdown. The film is produced by Michael Moore, so it is no surprise it is overflowing with the left’s usual climate […]

Jane Fonda Demands Coronavirus Recovery Money Be Used to Fight Climate Change DAVID NG 1 May 202013,492 2:54 Actress and environmental activist Jane Fonda used May Day to renew calls to end fossil fuels and protect worker rights while she urged against corporate bailouts during the coronavirus pandemic, especially for oil and drilling companies. Instead, the actress is demanding that the government allot recovery money to […]

Climate skeptics praise Michael Moore’s new documentary exposing green energy

Goofballs at #DeSmogBlog now whining CFACT & its allies are promoting "Planet of the Humans" — a decent film that demolishes renewable energy shenanigans. Strange times: Who'd of thunk it would be up to us on the Right to defend Michael Moore? — Craig Rucker (@CJRucker) May 4, 2020 Fossil Fuel-Backed Climate Deniers […]

Former UK Supreme Court Judge Sumption opposes lockdowns: ‘Do we really want to be the kind of society where basic freedoms are conditional on the decisions of politicians in thrall to scientists and statisticians?’

Former Supreme Court judge LORD SUMPTION gives a withering critique of the Government's lockdown – — Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) May 4, 2020 "We have to ask ourselves what kind of relationship we want w/ the State. Do we really want to be kind of society where basic freedoms are conditional on decisions of politicians […]