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Morano: Climate alarmists want their piece of the COVID pie – ‘Climate activists are jealous of all the attention & govt reaction’ that the coronavirus is receiving

By Chris Woodward (


USA Today’s Doyle Rice wrote this week that “50 years after the first Earth Day, we are in the midst of a pandemic, and we need science more than ever.”

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano – a skeptic of catastrophic, man-made climate change – contends that the so-called “alarmists” are trying to piggy back on the fear of coronavirus and the lockdowns.

Morano, Marc (Climate Depot)”They’re saying, Look, climate and science, we need to pay attention because science is related,” Morano tells OneNewsNow. “This USA Today article even goes a step further and quotes Senator Tom Udall [D-New Mexico] as saying unless we take care of climate change, we’re going to have more of these … new viruses; in other words, [he’s argues that] taking care of climate takes care of the coronavirus too.”

“What was the coronavirus response’s biggest failure? It was the computer model predictions of 2.2 million dead,” says Morano, answering his own question. “This is what got the United States on lockdown, and then the original modelers all scaled it back ….

“So, this article in USA Today reveals that the climate activists are jealous of all the attention and government reaction that the virus scare is getting, but not climate change.”