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Former UN IPCC Chairman John Houghton, Called Father Of Global Warming ‘Deception’, Dies At 88

By Paul Homewood




John Houghton was of course at the heart of the global warming deception from the very early days, as Chairman of the IPCC Working Group I for the first three Assessment Reports between 1990 and 2001.

It was under Houghton’s tenure in the First Assessment Report (FAR) that the process began of writing the all important Summary for Policymakers which did not reflect the detailed chapters.

Houghton’s Summary claimed it was confident that the increase in CO2 alone had been responsible for over half of the warming during the 20thC. Yet the main report was far more guarded and evenly flatly contradictory. But none of this stopped Houghton’s Summary demanding immediate reductions of 60% in emissions.

It was the FAR which included John Houghton’s own graph, showing that temperatures were higher in the Middle Ages than the 20thC. Yet by 2001, the same Houghton was giving Michael Mann’s hopelessly flawed hockey stick top billing, even being pictured in front of it long after it had been debunked.


The whole IPCC process was compromised from the start, thanks largely to the two men initially responsible for setting it up, Bert Bolin and John Houghton. It was regularly portrayed as the global authority on climate change, being made up of thousands of scientists from around the world.

In reality, most of the key contributors were drawn from a surprisingly small network of  not more than a few dozen predominantly American and British academics and government employees, who were already as firmly committed as Bolin and Houghton to the belief that global warming was serious. Many of these came from Houghton’s own Hadley Centre.

We are still paying the cost of John Houghton’s obsession with climate change.