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Former UN Climate Chief Christiana Figueres: We need to ‘converge the solutions’ to coronavirus & climate ‘because what we cannot afford to do is to jump out of the frying pan of COVID and into the raging fire of climate change’

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GLOBAL HANGOUT: Cleaner air and water, wildlife returning to places they abandoned — these are just some of the unexpected effects of a world in lockdown because of a global pandemic. Air travel is a fraction of what it once was, factories are shuttered and highways are deserted. Around the world, billions of people have made tremendous sacrifices to fight an imminent health threat. But could these temporary changes spell a lasting benefit for the fight against climate change? Or will the economic pain of the pandemic push climate change to the bottom of political agendas?


Christiana Figueres
Founding Partner, Global Optimism
Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

Dr. Sweta Chakraborty
Risk and Behavioral Scientist
Washington, DC, USA

Jamie Margolin
Climate Activist, This is Zero Hour
Seattle, WA, USA

Carl Nasman
NBC News Correspondent
Berlin, Germany

Christiana Figueres: “There is an incredible responsibility — to not call it an opportunity — to actually converge the solutions — at least the financial solutions — to coronavirus to the financial solutions for climate. Because what we cannot afford to do is to jump out of the frying pan of COVID and then into the raging fire of climate change.”