EPA announces sweeping relaxation of environmental rules in response to the coronavirus

NYT loves calling power plants, factories, etc — things that make the modern world possible and people's lives better — "polluters," as if that's all they do. https://t.co/BbLD8HVnof — Mike Bastasch (@MikeBastasch) March 27, 2020 NYT excerpt: WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday announced a sweeping relaxation of environmental rules in response to […]

COVID-19: Updated data implies that UK modelling hugely overestimates the expected death rates from infection

https://judithcurry.com/2020/03/25/covid-19-updated-data-implies-that-uk-modelling-hugely-overestimates-the-expected-death-rates-from-infection/ By Nic Lewis Introduction There has been much media coverage about the danger to life posed by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. While it is clearly a serious threat, one should consider whether the best evidence supports the current degree of panic and hence government policy. Much of the concern in the UK resulted from […]

Earth Is Greening Due To Rising CO2…A Growing Greening Sink Offsets 17 Years Of Equivalent CO2 Emissions By 2100

https://notrickszone.com/2020/03/19/earth-is-greening-due-to-rising-co2-a-growing-greening-sink-offsets-17-years-of-equivalent-co2-emissions-by-2100/ By Kenneth Richard A new study finds rising CO2 concentrations (and warming) have driven the rapid increase in Earth’s photosynthesis processes, or greening. CO2-induced planetary greening leads to an enormous expansion of Earth’s carbon sink. By 2100 this greening-sink effect will offset 17 years of equivalent human CO2 emissions. This easily supersedes the effect […]

New Study: Sea Level Changes Since 1993 Are ‘Dominated’ And ‘Heavily Influenced’ By Internal Variability

  https://notrickszone.com/2020/03/23/new-study-sea-level-changes-since-1993-are-dominated-and-heavily-influenced-by-internal-variability/ By Kenneth Richard From 1993 to 2018, the satellite altimetry sea level changes reveal both positive and negative accelerations, align with oscillatory patterns, and are dominated by internal variability (e.g., PDO, ENSO). The “forced acceleration pattern” assumed to be associated with anthropogenic global warming “has not emerged”. Image Source: Hamlington et al., 2020 Negative […]

Green Madness: EU Sticks To Carbon Reporting Deadlines, Rejects Industry Calls For Coronavirus Delay

https://www.thegwpf.com/green-madness-eu-sticks-to-carbon-reporting-deadlines-rejects-industry-calls-for-coronavirus-delay/ Reuters BRUSSELS – A European Union deadline of April 30 for firms to surrender emissions trading system (ETS) carbon allowances will stand, despite calls for extensions from some industry groups due to the coronavirus pandemic. Industry, utilities and airlines running flights in Europe must report their ETS emissions for the previous calendar year by […]