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Former Harvard U. Prof. Rips Coronavirus response: ‘The enthusiasm with which the West commits suicide is staggering’

The globalist media have brainwashed billions of people into believing that this kind of instinctive yet hysterical behavior is needed, natural, useful, rational, and probably ethical, too. It’s neither.
The economic and otherwise societal losses will be exponentially larger than the damages to the public health. I would even argue that that the economic damages that have already taken place are larger than even the worst case scenario damages to health and lives that could materialize in a hypothetical future.
Yes, even the desire “not to have a new Great Depression” has turned into a “fringe” political opinion, according to the number of prominent advocates There’s really a near consensus among the pundits in the West that we must commit the economic suicide as a civilization.
And I think that Trump is weak, too. Maybe it is not even such a big difference whether he or the overt Bolshevik Sanders will continue in the White House.eanwhile, all these suicidal policies lack any real planning. Nobody knows: when a 2-week-long shut down or national quarantine reduces the daily cases by 30% or 70%, will it be enough?
If the unrestricted economy produces a growing number of infections – by the same rate with the opposite sign as the martial law that hypothetically reduces the cases – then it clearly means that we need to shut down the civilization for half a time just to keep the cases stable. Is it really what we want?
As the Conservative Woman Laura Perrins wrote today, ‘Whatever It Takes’ is too much. ‘Whatever It Takes’ is really a phrase of Daesh-like religious fundamentalists. It should never have a place in an intelligent society.