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First anniversary for ‘The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened’ On this first anniversary of the publication of The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened, it’s a day of celebration for me. The book has informed thousands about how and why the scary stories about the imminent demise of polar bears due to human-caused global warming failed so miserably.  It is a story of the triumph […]

Former Harvard U. Prof. Rips Coronavirus response: ‘The enthusiasm with which the West commits suicide is staggering’ Excerpts The globalist media have brainwashed billions of people into believing that this kind of instinctive yet hysterical behavior is needed, natural, useful, rational, and probably ethical, too. It’s neither. The economic and otherwise societal losses will be exponentially larger than the damages to the public health. I would even argue that that the […]

DEBUNKED: Read the FACTCHECK on Greenland & Antarctica ice loss claims By Paul Homewood Earth’s great ice sheets, Greenland and Antarctica, are now losing mass six times faster than they were in the 1990s thanks to warming conditions. A comprehensive review of satellite data acquired at both poles is unequivocal in its assessment of accelerating trends, say scientists. Between them, Greenland and Antarctica lost 6.4 […]

Harvard U. environmental ‘expert’ links coronavirus to ‘climate change’ Q&A: A Harvard Expert on Environment and Health Discusses Possible Ties Between COVID and Climate Air pollution makes people more vulnerable to respiratory infections; climate change brings people in closer contact with animals that can spread disease. BY NEELA BANERJEE Doctors and public health researchers are getting an increasingly accurate and nuanced picture of the many […]

International Energy Agency Executive Dir: Coronavirus crisis an ‘excellent opportunity’ to speed global ‘clean energy’ transition – Include ‘large scale’ solar, wind spending in stimulus International Energy Agency executive director Fatih Birol,Photo: F. Carter Smith Coronavirus crisis an ‘excellent opportunity’ to speed global energy transition: Birol IEA chief says renewables playing ‘a central part’ in governments’ plans would bring added benefit of stimulating economies 15 March 2020 13:19 GMT UPDATED 16 March 2020 9:39 GMT By Darius Snieckus The Coronavirus economic stimulus packages […]

Four Lessons From A Century of Pandemics GWPF Newsletter 16/03/20 Four Lessons From A Century of Pandemics Technology, Ingenuity And Cooperation Will Defeat The Pandemic “Scientists can fall into the trap of thinking that once we have a certain amount of knowledge, we really understand how things work, we don’t need to question it anymore. But the lesson of these epidemics is that, […]