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Dems use Coronavirus panic to tout passage of Green New Deal: Dem Sen Markey: ‘We should be working to pass a Green New Deal and deliver climate justice’

Democrats eye climate policy in economic relief bill

By Scott Waldman and Maxine Joselow, E&E News reporters Climatewire: Thursday, March 12, 2020

Excerpt: He isn’t the only climate advocate who would use a new stimulus package to address global warming. Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) said now is the time to pass the Green New Deal, a sweeping climate policy he helped write.

“The White House is proposing to bail out the fossil fuel industry. We need more coronavirus testing, not more fracking. We should be working to pass a #GreenNewDeal and deliver climate justice, not delivering an unjust payout to Trump’s billionaire oil and gas cronies,” he tweeted.

Activists with the Sunrise Movement, a youth-led group that has championed the Green New Deal, took a similar stance.

“Democrats can’t respond to this moment of crisis the same way we did in 2008, by bailing out CEOs and leaving millions of people unemployed and homeless,” said Aracely Jimenez, a Sunrise Movement spokeswoman, in a statement.

Jimenez added: “The next President must instead respond to this moment of crisis by stimulating the economy through unprecedented investment in the Green New Deal — the only plan which will revamp our public health infrastructure, guarantee federal jobs to all displaced workers, and employ millions to transform our energy, transportation, and food systems towards renewable energies that stabilize both our economy and our climate.”



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