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Former UN Climate Chief issues another tipping point of ‘a decade at best’ to ‘control’ climate or ‘we will really be condemned to an endless destruction’ – ‘Social change comes about when 3.5% of population is pressing for it…we’re almost there, at the 3.5%’

UN Paris architect and former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres issue another tipping point!

Excerpts: The problem, she said, is that there isn’t much time to take this control: A decade, at best.
Ten years from now, in 2030, we will either have written a very positive story, or we will really be condemned to an endless destruction. So for these 10 years we’re holding the pen,” Figueres said

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Figueres said humans need to realize they have the power to choose the future. “That is an incredible opportunity and it is unique in the history of humankind,” she said

“My parents and generations before that didn’t have the power to say ‘we will write history,’ they just couldn’t, because they didn’t have the technology, they didn’t have the capital, they didn’t understand the policy.”

Figueres and Rivett-Carnac believe that the climate protests and youth strikes seen around the world in recent months will eventually lead to the kind of fundamental change needed to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius, a key goal of the Paris deal.
“Historically, social change comes about when 3.5% of the population is pressing for it, and that’s amazing because we always think you need 100% of people and you don’t,” Figueres said. “We’re almost there, at the 3.5%.”