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Oregon State GOP Walk Out Of Capitol Building In Protest Of Climate Bill OAN Newsroom UPDATED 6:54 AM PT — Tuesday, February 25, 2020 Republican state legislators in Oregon recently walked out of the state’s capitol building in protest of a Democrat-backed climate bill.  On Monday, all except for one Oregon state GOP senator participated in the walkout to protest a bill that would place strict restrictions […]

Environmentalist Michael Shellenberger: Bernie Sanders Green New Deal ‘would disproportionately hurt the poor’ If Bernie Sanders Is So Progressive, Why Is The Green New Deal So Regressive? By Michael Shellenberger Much of the policy agenda of Democratic presidential front-runner Sen. Bernie Sanders can be fairly categorized as “progressive,” in the sense of helping poor and working people, including through the redistribution of wealth. … The same can’t […]

Bernie Sanders explain he will pay for his sweeping new government programs through massive lawsuits against the fossil fuel industry Bernie Sanders reveals ‘major plans’ to be funded by new taxes, massive lawsuits, military cuts Bernie Sanders unexpectedly released a fact-sheet Monday night explaining that he’d pay for his sweeping new government programs through new taxes and massive lawsuits against the fossil fuel industry, as well as by slashing spending on the […]

Trump goes one year without mentioning ‘climate change’ on Twitter – Meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue offeres reasons: Too busy w/Impeachment hoax (2) Green New Deal is boat anchor around Dem Party (3) Emissions down # Where’s Trump? He hasn’t tweeted about climate in 350 days By Scott Waldman, E&E News reporter President Trump hasn’t used Twitter to malign climate science in almost a year. It’s been 350 days, to be exact. The radio silence doesn’t mean Trump has stopped talking about it — in fact, his […]

Dem candidate Tom Steyer lays out his plan for a climate police state: ‘I will use the Executive emergency powers of the presidency’

Watch below. Even CNN’s Chris Cuomo seems skeptical of Steyer’s plans to control energy and industry in the U.S.A. Tom, to get climate right, let's start listening to climate skeptics. The idea that people "can't breathe" or "can't drink the water" because of trace CO2 is complete insanity. — Tom Nelson (@tan123) February […]

Climate Alarmism and Malthusianism (A rebuttal to warmist Jerry Taylor) By Robert Bradley Jr. — February 25, 2020 “The pseudo-intellectual right loves to compare climate concern and action with Malthusianism. I’ve never quite understood what the heck these things have in common.” (Jerry Taylor, October 13, 2019) “What environmentalists mainly say … is not that we are running out of energy but that we are […]

‘Climate Emergency…is a dogma being enforced by a culturally totalitarian tyranny’ Melanie Phillips: The Real Western Civilisation Emergency Melanie Phillips, 21 February 2020 The “climate emergency”, which we are told threatens the imminent collapse of civilisation and the extinction of humanity, is a dogma being enforced by a culturally totalitarian tyranny. Threatening the living standards of millions, permitting no challenge and wrecking the livelihoods and […]

‘Mind-Boggling Cost Of Net Zero’: It’s Time For An Honest Debate About The Cost Of UK’s Net Zero Emission Targets Andrew Montford: It’s Time For An Honest Debate About The Cost Of Net Zero The Spectator, 24 February 2020 When the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) launched its report on the feasibility of entirely decarbonising the UK economy, we were told the expense involved was manageable. The CCC’s chief executive Chris Stark explained that […]

Teenage ‘Anti-Greta’ To Confront Climate Activists At Conference In America Naomi Seibt: ‘I Don’t Want You To Panic. I Want You To Think’ I’ve got very good news for you. The world is not ending because of climate change. In fact, 12 years from now we will still be around casually taking photos on our iPhone 18s….Don’t let an agenda that is trying to […]