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Fact Check: Actually, Fracking Helps Reduce Carbon Emissions While Growing the Economy By JOEL B. POLLAK 19 Feb 202082 CLAIM: Fracking is a “transitional fuel” at best, and contributes to the problem of climate change. VERDICT: False. Fracking has helped the U.S. reduce emissions while growing its economy. NBC News’ Chuck Todd asked candidates in the Democrat debate in Las Vegas, Nevada, whether they would eliminate […]

Democratic candidates engage in lengthy debate over ‘climate change’ BY REBECCA BEITSCH Democratic presidential candidates discussed climate change at length on the debate stage Wednesday night, addressing energy sources ranging from natural gas to lithium batteries. White House hopefuls fielded questions on the topic for 15 minutes, dwarfing the amount of time devoted to environmental issues at earlier debates. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) slightly walked […]

Sanders and Bloomberg split over banning fracking By Ben Geman Tonight’s Democratic primary debate in Las Vegas laid bare the candidates’ differences over fracking as Bernie Sanders defended his push for an outright ban and challenged concerns that it could hurt Democrats politically. Driving the news: NBC’s Chuck Todd asked Sanders what he would tell workers in Pennsylvania, a swing state where […]

Jan 2020: Coldest ever day in Greenland -65C comes, goes, no one notices By Jo Nova The coldest ever day recorded in Greenland stands at -63.3 C  (minus 81 F).  But on January 2nd in 2020, after Greenland suffered a century of global warming, the thermometer at Summit Camp sunk to at least -64.9C. I say, at least, because it may have been even colder. Sharp eyes of Cap […]


Via: COLORADO IS “FEBRUBURIED” — BRECKENRIDGE SUFFERS SNOWIEST FEB EVER, WHILE DENVER IS JUST 6.6 INCHES OFF ITS ALL-TIME RECORD By CAP ALLON For each MSM article bemoaning a lack of snowfall in one particular region this season, there are a myriad-more reputable sources reporting impressive, even record-breaking totals elsewhere. Colorado is one such region the warm-mongering […]

STUDY: Extreme Weather From ‘Wavy’ Jet Stream Not Due To Arctic Warming By John Anderer EXETER, England — The “wavy” behavior of Earth’s jet stream, or air currents, around the mid-latitudes over the past years isn’t being caused by rapid warming in the Arctic region. That’s the conclusion of a new study conducted at the University of Exeter that investigated the effect of increasing arctic temperatures […]

Right-Wing Backlash Greets Modest GOP Foray Into ‘Climate Change’ By Ari Natter Proposal derided as ‘Green New Deal lite,’ bowing to liberals Outrage shows hard road for Republicans newly embracing issue Kevin McCarthy Photographer: Alex Edelman/Bloomberg House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy had barely finished presenting his party’s modest plan to fight climate change when conservatives began piling on in opposition. The free market-group […]