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New Book: Population Bombed!: Exploding the Link Between Overpopulation and Climate Change

Environmentalists have resurrected the thinking of Thomas Malthus, who postulated in 1798 that population would quickly outstrip food and we’re all doomed. 222 years later, there’s over 7.7 billion people, and food has never been more affordable. — CFACT (@CFACT) February 20, 2020 Population Bombed! By Craig Rucker |February 19th, 2020|Environment|209 Comments The Green-Left is […]

Analysis: ‘Plastic Bags Help the Environment: Banning them provides no benefit’ By John Tierney Why do politicians want to take away our plastic bags and straws? This moral panic is intensifying even as evidence mounts that banning plastic is both a waste of money and harmful to the environment. If you want to protect dolphins and sea turtles, you should take special care to place […]

Environmentalist Michael Shellenberger: Progressives love touting the ‘secular apocalypse’ of climate – ‘Yet, those who are most alarmist about climate’ oppose nuclear & fracking. ‘Why is that?’

Emissions are declining thanks to nuclear energy & natural gas, and yet those who are most alarmist about climate change — @BernieSanders @GretaThunberg @XRebellionUK — oppose them. Why is that? My latest @Forbes — please share! — Michael Shellenberger (@shellenberger) February 17, 2020 If They Are So Alarmed By Climate Change, Why Are They […]

Bjorn Lomborg’s New Book: ‘False Alarm: How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet’ The New York Times-bestselling “skeptical environmentalist” argues that panic over climate change is causing more harm than good Hurricanes batter our coasts. Wildfires rage across the American West. Glaciers collapse in the Artic. Politicians, activists, and the media espouse a common message: climate change is destroying the planet, and we must take drastic action immediately […]

‘The Science’ Proves Extreme Weather Events Are NOT Increasing COGNITIVE BIAS : Climate Change Alarmists Refuse To Accept ‘The Science’ That Proves Extreme Weather Events Are NOT Increasing By Jamie Spry THE widely held belief that ‘Extreme Weather’ has become worse, as a result of man-made carbon dioxide emissions, is a tribute to the success of climate change propaganda pushed relentlessly by CO2-centric politicians and […]

Fact Check: Michael Bloomberg Claim That China’s CO2 Emissions Are ‘Slowing Down’ is FALSE CHARLIE SPIERING 19 Feb 2020720 1 Claim: Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg claimed that China’s carbon emissions have “slowed down.” Verdict: False. China’s carbon emissions have steadily increased, according to, and are projected to keep rising. China is also rapidly building coal power plants, signaling that the country has no intention of ending its status as the […]

Fiona Hill educates Democrats: Fracking hurts Putin – Banning fracking helps Putin by Tom Rogan  | November 21, 2019 04:05 PM If you wanted to help Vladimir Putin, you would ban fracking. Fiona Hill, a Russia expert and Democratic star witness in the impeachment hearings, made that clear in her testimony Thursday. Questioned by Republican Rep. Mike Conaway on Thursday as to whether Putin views American fracking […]

Watch: U.S. Fracking Threatened By OPEC-Backed Groups OAN Newsroom UPDATED 10:23 AM PT — Tuesday, February 18, 2020 The success story of American energy independence is largely known, but many Americans are facing a new threat from foreign countries who do not wish the U.S. to attain energy independence. That’s according to One America’s Jack Posobiec who sat down with an […]

Bernie Sanders to fracking workers: You have to lose your jobs because ‘we’re fighting for the future of this planet’

NBC News transcript From Democratic Presendital Debate – February 19, 2020 NBC’s CHUCK TODD: We’re going to stick to this topic. But, Senator Sanders, I’m going to move to fracking. You want a total ban on natural gas extraction, fracking, in the next five years. The industry, obviously, supports a lot of jobs around […]