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Oh noes! Global warming to make shrimp louder – ‘Shrimp will snap more often and louder than before’ By Anthony Watts From “the ocean called and they’re running out of quiet shrimp” department comes this pointless excuse for using grant money. Science spoiler alert: cold blooded animals get more active when they are warmer. Call the Nobel committee! Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, SAN DIEGO–One of the ocean’s loudest creatures is smaller than you’d expect–and […]

Liberals Angry: Jeff Bezos DONATED ONLY $10 BILLION To Fight Climate Change by K. Walker And Jeff Dunetz The super-rich owner of Amazon just learned that you can never, ever do enough for green activists. Jeff Bezos donated ten billion smackaroos and the climate change crazies want more. Nothing will satisfy these people until the population has been halved, and those lucky enough to be alive are […]

Alex Epstein: How wrong have climate catastrophists been? How wrong have climate catastrophists been? How wrong have climate catastrophists been? Here’s something I recently shared on Twitter: Climate catastrophists, however, have said the complete opposite: that we’ve been making our climate increasingly unlivable. So I recently posted a request on Twitter for a word to describe just how wrong the catastrophists have […]

Bloomberg Has Been Funding Climate Lawyers Inside Liberal State AG Offices to ‘pursue climate-based litigation’ By  Ashe Schow Presidential candidate and billionaire Michael Bloomberg has been funding climate lawyers inside liberal state attorney general offices to push his climate agenda. Fox News reported that a program funded by Bloomberg pays the salaries of these attorneys to “pursue climate-based litigation.” “The arrangement, which currently pays the salaries of Special Assistant Attorneys General […]

Study: CO2 Climate Impact is ‘Effectively Unmeasurable’ A new study (Stallinga, 2020) assesses the climate sensitivity to rising CO2 concentrations is just 0.0014°C per ppm. Dr. Peter Stallinga has published a comprehensive analysis of the Earth’s ‘greenhouse effect.’ He finds an inconsequential role for CO2. Doubling CO2 from 350 to 700 ppm yields warming of less than 0.5°C (500 mK). Feedbacks […]

BILL NYE CONCERNED ABOUT NEW EPA CHIEF OF STAFF PICK, SAYS SHE HAS TWO YOUNG KIDS THAT WILL ‘INHERIT THIS EARTH’   BY ARISTOS GEORGIOU ON 2/18/20 AT 8:08 AM EST Bill Nye’s Beef With Climate Change Deniers U.S.EPAENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCYBILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUYBILL NYE Science communicator Bill Nye has cast doubt on the credentials of Mandy Gunasekara, a former top air policy official at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). According to a report in The Washington […]

‘Arctic Surprise…Sensational Study In Nature’: Large Part Of 20th Century Warming Attributed To Ozone-depleting substances By Professor Fritz Vahrenholt A few days ago, an international research group from the USA, Canada and Switzerland led by Lorenzo Polvani of Columbia University (New York) published a sensational study in Nature climate change, which attributes a large part of the warming of the 20th century to CFCs (“Substantial twentieth-century Arctic warming caused […]