Watch: Morano on One America TV w/ Liz Wheeler on how socialism is bad for the environment

One America News Network – Tipping Points with Liz Wheeler – Broadcast February 18, 2020

Liz Wheeler: “So what makes Bernie Sanders think that his plans his socialist plans — if he were to successfully impose socialism on the U.S., God forbid — what makes him think that the results of his socialist nation would be any different for our economy than other socialist nations like Cuba, Venezuela, Soviet Union, yada, yada, yada?

Marc Morano: “It’s very simple. Every time you challenge socialists with the track record of history they all say ‘well it wasn’t done correctly in the Soviet Union or in the Eastern Bloc. It wasn’t done correctly and we’ve learned a lot from that.’

Here’s the bottom line: They compare capitalism with its reality and then they compare socialism to a utopian ideal. So capitalism is going to lose every time because when they talk about socialism it’s in a utopian fantasy world. They don’t look at the actual record, whereas with capitalism, they will judge capitalism — warts-and-all– to a utopia that doesn’t exist.

Capitalism is one of the greatest liberators of mankind — along with fossil fuel industrialization — in the history of our planet. Fossil fuel industrialization and capitalism saved the whales — that’s what we went from using the whale oil to light our lightbulbs to using coal to light our lightbulbs to power our lightbulbs.

So this is how they’ll do it. It’s a misdirection. But it’s always down to the utopian ideal and you can’t basically criticize utopia because there are no flaws in utopia and that’s how they treat socialism that’s how Bernie Sanders gets away with it.”

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