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Listen: Morano debunks PBS ‘Polar Extremes’ CO2 & Climate Change claims on Michael Savage Radio

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano’s interview with Michael Savage begins at 49 minutes into video:

Michael Savage Radio show, ‘Savage Nation’ – February 8, 2020



PBS “Polar Extremes” – Hosted by Kirk Johnson

The program promotes all the usual climate scares. Greenland could all melt, Antarctica melt would flood DC, etc. The show claims CO2 & Temperature are linked but fails to note that temperature rises before CO2 in ice core data.

Watch: Polar Extremes Preview – Preview: Season 47 Episode 1 | 3m 19s

Watch full episode here: Polar Extremes – Season 47 Episode 1 | 1h 53m 6s


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