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‘Ok, Boomer’: NBC Blames Climate Change for Generational Divide By Kyle Drennen | January 16, 2020 3:27 PM EST On Thursday, NBC’s Today show devoted a full segment to examining the popular “Ok, Boomer” meme on social media by talking to a group of teenagers and senior citizens about the generation gap. Amid other reasons for the divide, correspondents Savannah Sellers and Harry Smith touted climate change […]

African nations send some of largest delegations to UN climate summit in Madrid

These countries have the largest delegations at #COP25 348 Côte d’Ivoire293 DRC172 Spain (no surprise here)168 Brazil165 Congo…125 EU (13th)…… 78 US (30th) — Simon Evans is on holiday (@DrSimEvans) December 3, 2019 By David Wojick First off there are the national delegations. International travel is expensive so you would figure the richest […]

Pielke Jr: The Inconvenient Facts On Australian Bushfires – Study finds ‘the role of human-caused climate change has not yet been detected’. By Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. We live in a time where every extreme weather or climate-related event is immediately associated with human-caused climate change. Such associations are often not really about the science of climate, but rather a symbol used to exhort in the political battle over climate change. For instance, on one extreme […]

Pielke Jr.: The Best News On Climate You’ve Never Heard By Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. In 2012, an incredibly important milestone may have passed on climate change, and none of us noticed. That year may have been when the world reached peak carbon dioxide emissions per person. If so, that would mark a key inflection point in the world’s collective efforts to dramatically decarbonize […]

Pielke Jr.: Three Rules For Accepting Climate Extreme Weather ‘Event Attribution’ Studies Three Rules For Accepting Climate “Event Attribution” Studies By Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. In September 2018, as Hurricane Florence was heading towards a landfall in North Carolina, a team of researchers announced that the storm would be 80 kilometers larger and drop 50% more rainfall due to “human induced climate change.” In a study published […]

Pielke Jr.: In 2020 Climate Science Needs To Hit The Reset Button, Part Two By Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. In part one of this commentary I argued that the climate science community, broadly conceived, has been misusing scenarios, resulting in misleading and deeply flawed research and policy guidance. These problems reach deeply into leading climate science assessments such as the U.S. National Climate Assessment (NCA) and those of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate […]

Study in journal Nature Climate Change: Ozone-depleting substances may have caused half of Arctic warming during 1955 – 2005 The headline is straight from the research press release. Of course that suggests alarmists can only hope to blame human-caused ‘carbon emissions’ for the other half of any recent warming, by invoking their own version of a planetary ‘greenhouse effect’. – – – Ozone-depleting substances (ODSs) may be responsible for nearly half of Arctic warming […]

Physicist: No Evidence That Marine Heat Waves Are Unusual By Dr. Ralph Alexander A new wrinkle in the narrative of human-induced global warming is the observation and study of marine heat waves. But, just as in other areas of climate science, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) twists and hypes the evidence to boost the claim that heat waves at sea are […]

Ocean Acidification: No Evidence of Impending Harm to Sea Life By Dr. Ralph Alexander Apocalyptic warnings about the effect of global warming on the oceans now embrace ocean acidification as well as sea-level rise and ocean heating, both of which I’ve examined in previous posts. Acidification is a potential issue because the oceans absorb up to 30% of our CO2 emissions, according to the UN’s […]

Survey: UK Working Class Voters Favor Lower Energy Bills Over ‘Climate Action’ Working Class and Leave Voters Favour Lower Energy Bills Over Climate Action British public sharply divided on climate & energy policy options London, 20 January: Exclusive new polling carried out on behalf of the Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) by YouGov has found that when asked about energy policy, the public were sharply divided between […]