On Facebook Greta looks 16, but secretly identifies as two grown men


By Jo Nova

On Facebook no one knows you are a puppet — until a bug reveals who edits your posts. Such a bug happened on Thursday and by Friday people on 4chan had pointed out that Greta’s facebook posts were being done by her father and some guy in India called Adarsh Prathap.

thanks to Michael Smith News. h/t AndyG, Dennis

Greta’s handler, Adarsh Prathap

 GraniteGrok (or someone else?) revealed Adarsh is a UN climate official.

There is nothing either wrong or surprising about this. Only an idiot would believe (then or still) that she is writing her public remarks for delivery to social media or the UN. She’s a Muppet. A child trafficked in socialist environmental doomsaying. A prop. But who the heck is Adarsh Prathap?

According to LinkedIn, he is a Global Regional Coordinator at Youth Engaged in Wetlands. Principal Investigator of Revive Vellayani Project. And a big fan of the UN. Youth Engaged in Wetlands is “an international youth team committed to the conservation, protection, and wise-use of wetlands. YEW provides a global platform for young people to enable and empower them to help protect promote our wetlands.”

He’s a Green Energy player with UN connections. A stakeholder in the economic swindle that is the socialist Globalist environmental assault on the West.

Her father Svante Thunberg also posts material.

Greta’s Dad

But Greta’s Facebook account is not set up as a “fan page” it’s set up to look as if it is her account alone.

On Saturday Greta (or one of the two men) said they are her words “reposted”.

Greta’s handler, Adarsh Prathap

It reminds me of Obama’s twitter account which turned out to be almost entirely run by an activist group called Organizing for Action (OFA). Curiously OFA tweeted in the name of the man who was leader of the Democratic Party, but they are legally a non-partisan organization. Figure out how that works. Strangely, even once people knew the tweets were not his, they still quoted the twitter feed as if he said them.

I predict that no fans of Greta will unfriend her (or the two men).