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Watch: ‘I don’t want to die!’ Climate Exploitation of Children

Friends of Science Children are being used as proxies for climate change hysteria across Canada. Ecojustice is acting on behalf of children in taking the Ontario government to court of the relaxation of certain climate laws, and a key child turns out to be the child of a woman who is on the board of […]

Democrat’s proposed fracking bans will cause household energy bills to ‘more than quadruple’ A democrat fracking ban will cause household energy bills to “more than quadruple” Joseph D’Aleo, CCM US Chamber of Commerce projects $130 a barrel oil prices from a Fracking Ban and implementation of any of the Democrat plans they clam will put an end to heatwaves, floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornados, wildfires, sea level rises. […]

Ice Core Data From Greenland Reveals 8000 Years Of Zero Correlation Between CO2 And Temperature – ‘CO2 does not drive temperatures’ 8000 Years Of Zero Correlation Between CO2 And Temperature, GISP 2 Ice Core Shows – Opposite Is True! By P Gosselin on 20. December 2019 A plot of ice core data from Greenland reveals that CO2 does not drive temperatures. At Facebook, Gregory Wrightstone posted a chart plotting atmospheric CO2 concentration reconstructed from  Dome C Ice Core versus temperature […]

Boris Johnson Appoints Climate Skeptics To His New Government Wales Online Following the election one of Boris Johnson’s first acts has been to appoint climate change sceptics to his cabinet. This is despite election claims that his government would take the unfolding climate disaster (sic) seriously. Monmouth MP David TC Davies has been made a minister in the Wales Office, and assistant government […]

Biden: Eliminate Hundreds Of Thousands Of Blue Collar Jobs For Greener Economy By Ryan Saavedra Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden signaled support for eliminating hundreds of thousands of blue collar jobs on Thursday night in order to transition to a “greener economy.” Biden made the remarks during the Democratic presidential debate on CNN which was co-moderated by PBS and Politico. “Vice President Biden, I’d like to […]

Biden Says He’s Willing To Sacrifice Hundreds Of Thousands Of Blue-Collar Jobs In Oil And Gas to fight ‘climate change’ By SHELBY TALCOTT Former Vice President Joe Biden said during Thursday’s Democratic debate that he is willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of blue-collar jobs in oil and gas in an effort to help fight climate change. One of the moderators during Thursday’s debate asked Biden if he would “be willing to sacrifice some […]

And the winner is…2019’s World’s Greatest Green Hypocrite Awards go to…Emma Thompson, Barack Obama & Richard Branson! Press Release 21/12/19 Announcing The Emmas! “Emmas” to be an annual celebration of achievement in world-leading eco-hypocrisy London, 21 December: London-based climate policy NGO, the Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF), has announced that it is to name its annual awards for the world’s greatest eco-hypocrites after Hollywood actress Emma Thompson. Thompson’s lack of self-awareness propelled her to […]