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Boris Johnson Appoints Climate Skeptics To His New Government

  • Wales Online

Following the election one of Boris Johnson’s first acts has been to appoint climate change sceptics to his cabinet.

This is despite election claims that his government would take the unfolding climate disaster (sic) seriously.

Monmouth MP David TC Davies has been made a minister in the Wales Office, and assistant government whip.

Mr Davies has a long history of denying man-made climate change despite the overwhelming consensus of leading experts around world stating the opposite.

In 2013 he said in a parliamentary debate that it “is not proven that the carbon dioxide that has gone into the atmosphere is responsible for the relatively small amount of warming that has taken place since industrialisation.”

In 2016 he signed a letter calling on the government to delay setting the fifth carbon budget as recommended by independent advisers the Committee on Climate Change (the leading authority on global heating).

He has used his regular column in the South Wales Argus to speak out against action on the climate emergency. In 2018 he used it to speak out against renewable forms for green energy and accused the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of being “alarmists”.

These views are not new and have been going on for over a decade. In 2010 Davies attended a meeting of climate science deniers in the UK parliament called “Climate Fools Day”.

In a parliamentary debate to ratify the Paris Agreement in 2016, Davies repeated the debunked trope that the climate has always been changing. In the same debate, he blamed the BBC for accepting “hook, line and sinker the so-called scientific consensus on climate change”.

As a government whip, Davies will be partly responsible for delivering the government’s agenda, including its climate policy and pledge to make UK emissions net-zero by 2050.

When we approached Mr Davies for a comment, he would only say that he supported the government’s ambitions to reduce carbon emissions.

He said: “I voted for the climate change act 2008 which committed Britain to reducing carbon dioxide emissions to a level 80% lower than the 1990 baseline.

“However the current government are far more ambitious and want Britain to become carbon neutral by 2050. I fully support the government.”

He added: ” I have made clear that I fully accept the link between CO2 and climate change.”

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