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UK Environmental Audit Committee recommends ‘mandatory carbon literacy training’ for civil servants

By Dennis Ambler
It’s difficult to know what “auditing” this committee actually does, certainly not financial, as they simply want the economy trashed to suit the Green Agenda.
“Government should lead by example and target net-zero pre-2050, MPs urge”
“In a letter sent to Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom [prior to Parliament’s dissolution] for the December general election, EAC chair Mary Creagh MP summarised the key findings of the Committee’s inquiry into the creation of a net-zero Government.
The letter recommends that the Government sets a 2030 net-zero target for its operations and estate, bolstered by mandatory carbon literacy training for all staff and the alignment with all procurement decisions with net-zero emissions.”
Perhaps they could start by having some literacy training themselves and stop speaking about “carbon”.
Apart from Labour MP and Chair Mary Creagh, current membership is not available because of the election. However, its objectivity is shown by this:
“The Committee is a partner of the Sustainability Knowledge Alliance, an network of researchers in the fields of sustainable development. An aim of the Alliance’s work is to assist the Committee’s inquiries by providing expert advice and suggesting possible contributors.”
Why should a parliamentary committee be a “partner” of any lobbying group? This one in particular is promoting the UN Sustainability Goals, which are currently driving the climate agenda.
Development with sustainability in mind, inspires us to enhance and conserve our precious resources by evolving the how we manage our development through deployment of new emerging technology and new methods identified by scientific research whilst at the same time, allowing nations to fulfil the base needs of their citizens by way of food, employment, energy, sanitation and water supply.
They are promoting a software application:
That is why the accurate predictive measurement of sustainable using proprietary auditing software is critical to the modelling activities of scientists, economists and political reseachers.
To achieve this in a sustainable manner, population levels need to be controlled, economic growth supported proactively. In addition, “developed” nations must ensure that “developing” countries are allowed to have a similar level of prosperity and economic growth across 4 key aims of sustainable development including:
  • stable, growing economies
  • social equality & progress
  • conservation of natural resources
  • environmental protection
It is highly likely that most previous members will be re-appointed if elected as MP’s again. The retiring committee is shown here:
It included Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith, who recently became Minister of State at Defra and Minister of State at DfID. From July until September he was Parliamentary Under-Secretary at Defra, jointly with DfID.

From his website:

“Given the sheer scale of the crisis we face, I would never pretend any government in the world is doing enough to tackle it, but despite the political paralysis, I am proud of the leadership the Conservative Party has shown on these issues”

Also on the EAC was Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, who is co-chair with Ed Miliband of the Institute for Public Policy Research Environmental Justice Commission, which has links with Extinction Rebellion.

Those giving evidence to the EAC included the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and a new propaganda outfit, the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformation.

“The University of East Anglia (UEA) is a founding partner in a new £5 million research centre that will explore how we as a society can live differently to achieve the rapid and far-reaching emissions cuts required to address climate change.

Led by Cardiff University, the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST) is a collaboration between UEA, Manchester and York Universities, and charity Climate Outreach. It will work closely with industry, local and national governments, and charities to tackle climate change.

The centre is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and will establish a programme of social science research that places people at the heart of the transformations needed to bring about a more sustainable, very low-carbon society. The funding secured will enable a long-term programme of research lasting up to 15 years, bringing together global research expertise from across the UK and internationally.”  [Perhaps they don’t know we have less than 12 years left]

Their partner organisation, Climate Outreach is an overt propaganda outfit, but is described as a charity:
It’s co-founder and director of projects is the infamous George Marshall, long time activist.
There is a goodly collection of WWF etc links and the academic advisory board has Ed Maibach from George Mason University in the States, a notorious propaganda institution in itself, where John Cook is also 97% employed these days.
The advisory board also has Linda Steg, an “Environmental Psychologist” from Holland, who was an author on the IPCC “12 years to disaster” document, SR15, the one feeding the kids strikes, inspiring Greta Thunberg and spawning Extinction Rebellion. She gained her PhD at the University of Groningen with a thesis entitled “Behavioural change to reduce car use.
If Climate Change were so self-evident, why do we need so many official propaganda groups to implant the Green Agenda into the public psyche? There are of course billions of pounds at stake and many thousands of organisations wishing to claim their place at the public feeding trough.