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EU Parliament told: There is No ‘Climate Emergency’ There is No Climate Emergency – The Truth That Drove a Lib Dem Doolally Date: 28/11/19 Harry Wilkinson, The Conservative Woman AT A press conference last Wednesday, the European Parliament was told: ‘There is no climate emergency.’ This simple and demonstrable fact was too much to bear for one MEP, who decided to respond […]

EU Consensus Broken as 225 MEPs Vote Against ‘Climate Emergency’ – But Motion Passes as 429 MEPs Vote For EU Consensus Broken as 225 MEPs Vote Against ‘Climate Emergency’  28 November: In a significant moment in the history of the European Parliament, a third of MEPs today voted against attempts to exaggerate the impact of global warming.  The European Climate Realist Network (ECRN) welcomes the votes of 225 MEPs, who this morning rejected the motion […]

UK Environmental Audit Committee recommends ‘mandatory carbon literacy training’ for civil servants

By Dennis Ambler It’s difficult to know what “auditing” this committee actually does, certainly not financial, as they simply want the economy trashed to suit the Green Agenda.–MPs-urge/  “Government should lead by example and target net-zero pre-2050, MPs urge” “In a letter sent to Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom [prior to Parliament’s dissolution] for the […]

Our Greening Planet… German Science Magazine: Satellite Imagery Proves ‘World’s Vegetation Expanding For Decades’ An “unusual greening of the planet,” reports German science magazine Wissenschaft. “A paradox.” Hat-tip: Die kalte Sonne Has been greening for 3 decades While it is widely reported how the world’s rainforests are being chopped down, Wissenschaft reports, “Vegetation on earth has been expanding for decades, satellite data show.” Yes, the planet is in fact greening, and this is […]

Not enough babies are being born to replace the US population as birth rate plunges to 30-year low SHOCKING statistics reveal that not enough babies are being born to replace the US population – as birth rates plunge to a 30 year low. The report revealed that the fertility rate dropped to a “record low” last year and there were two per cent fewer births. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]