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This comedian has the most hilarious response to climate change hysteria

by Madeline Fry

The average person’s most mundane decisions have been overcome by climate change hysteria.

You don’t always recycle? You’re terrible. You like to eat meat? You’re killing the planet. You hope to have children someday? The anti-climate change devotees will come for you.

When seminary students are confessing their climate sins to plants, it’s safe to say that some people take climate change a little too seriously. And the absurdity doesn’t stop there. “Hanoi Jane” Fonda has been arrested at the Capitol each week for protesting climate change, Coldplay is no longer taking its mediocre music on tour because of environmental concerns, and The 1975 released a song that was just Greta Thunberg talking for four minutes.

All of this would be ripe material for stand-up comedians if they weren’t afraid of rattling politically correct orthodoxy.

Luckily, Nate Bargatze isn’t. In the comedian’s Netflix special, The Tennessee Kid, he jokes about waiting to learn about climate change until he figures out how rain works and saving up buckets of water to give to his daughter on her 18th birthday.

You’re not supposed to say that you don’t care about climate change with the fervor of a woke celebrity, but Bargatze voices the thoughts that many of us have already been thinking.