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New James Bond film set to raise ‘environmental awareness’: Film ‘ditched Bond’s gas-guzzling supercar’ for electric & ‘banned single use plastic water bottles’

In No Time To Die James Bond reportedly drives an electric Aston Martin and fights a baddie who sets out to poison the oceans

Excerpt: A new report has revealed movie bosses have gone to great lengths to change the culture around 007 – especially on the set…
A source said: “The phrase ‘Bond girl’ was outlawed from the set. The women in this film are all strong, brave and fiercely independent.”

Environmental awareness is also said to be a huge feature of the film. Bond is believed to be brought out of retirement to battle a villainous plot to infect the world’s oceans with a killer algae. The message was also spread behind the scenes as bosses reportedly banned single use plastic water bottles and handed out reusable versions to the crew instead.

Around 11 tons of waste packaging was recycled during the shoot, and 1.6 tons of unused food was donated to a homeless charity.

Keeping up the good work, film chiefs ditched Bond’s gas-guzzling supercar and gave him an eco-friendly electric Aston Martin instead.

The secret agent will be seen driving the £250,000 Rapide E model, one of only 155 vehicles which have been built.

The film is due for release in April.