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‘How does this stuff pass review?’ Extreme weather expert Dr. Roger Pielke Jr rips new media hyped study claiming hurricanes are hitting U.S. ‘more often’

The Associated Press is hyping a new study that is claiming “The most destructive hurricanes are hitting US more often.” WASHINGTON (AP) — Big, destructive hurricanes are hitting the U.S. three times more frequently than they did a century ago, according to a new study. Experts generally measure a hurricane’s destruction by adding up how much […]

‘Climate emergency’ declaration takes heat for fictional ‘world scientists’ By Valerie Richardson – The Washington Times – Monday, November 11, 2019 There was something goofy about the petition signed by 11,258 “world scientists” from 153 countries declaring a “climate emergency.” One “scientist” was named “Mouse, Micky” from the “Micky Mouse Institute for the Blind, Nambia.” Another was Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts. And then there […]

Jane Fonda supports ‘Nuremberg trials’ for ‘climate criminal’ energy executives & politicians by Paul Bedard This week’s Liberal Media Scream features activist and Hollywood star Jane Fonda, who has been spending a lot of time in Washington recently protesting on climate change and even going to jail for her efforts. Now, she wants energy executives and their political allies to be treated like Nazis and face […]

Japan: The precautionary principle killed more people than the Fukushima nuclear disaster By Jo Nova The panicked closure of nuclear power in Japan pushed electricity prices up. The UN agrees that no people died from radiation in the Fukushima event, but the frenzied over-evacuation killed up to 2,000 people. After that, higher electricity prices led to at least 1280 extra deaths in the 21 largest cities. […]

‘Reincarnation’ & ‘romantic relationship’ experts – Who are the alleged 11,000 ‘scientists’ who declared a ‘climate emergency’

Analysis: 11,000 alleged scientist warning of ‘climate emergency’ is lobbying for ‘social and economic justice for all’ 2019’s statement/petition is published in BioScience, the journal of the American Institute of Biological Sciences. Down in the ‘Conclusions’ section we read the following. “As the Alliance of World Scientists, we stand ready to assist decision-makers in a just transition to a sustainable and equitable future…such […]

Back to Hanoi for Jane Fonda!? Vietnam can’t build coal plants fast enough as economy booms – Fonda urged to take her DC climate protest to Hanoi instead

Vietnam sees massive increase in coal, oil use – Jane Fonda urged to take her DC climate protest to Hanoi instead Vietnam can't build enough coal plants soon enough to keep pace with its booming economy. Now that Hanoi Jane has become Climate Calamity Jane, her presence in Vietnam is probably no longer welcome. — […]

‘ARCTIC CONDITIONS GRIP THE UNITED STATES — REWRITE THE RECORD BOOKS, THIS IS BIG’ By CAP ALLON Following the three historic snowstorms which buried parts of the U.S. last month, sub-zero temperatures are now blasting hundreds of millions of Americans. Winter has arrived early, as predicted by low solar activity, and a meridional (wavy) jet stream flow. Lows throughout the week will be more like January temperatures — readings below […]