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Shock: Trump-Bashing ARD German Television Already Forecasting 2020 “Landslide Victory For Donald Trump” By P Gosselin The Trump-bashing German mainstream media are already going into deep depression over the 2020 US election. An ARD public television commentary by Washington correspondent Sebastian Hesse admits things are looking really dire for the US Democrats, and is now even seeing “a landslide victory for Trump”. German ARD news media somber […]

Former NSC Director Dr. Will Happer Says Climate Change Is ‘Imaginary Threat’ Brainwashing Our Youth WRITTEN BY JOSH SIEGEL William Happer failed at the chance of his lifetime. A notorious climate change science skeptic, Happer, 80, recently left the Trump administration after the White House killed his plan to create a panel to challenge government assessments of global warming. But Happer remains undeterred, confident that President Trump, the most […]

Great News! Warmists Now Say were too late! ‘It’s too late for a carbon tax—it’s time for a world war against climate change’ – “The reality is that we have zero years’ BY ADELE PETERS The world’s carbon budget—the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that humans can still pump into the atmosphere before we no longer have a chance of keeping global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius—is almost used up. In a landmark report last year, the UN’s climate body, the IPCC, said that we need to essentially […]