Future Climate Hysteria: Claim: Within 20 Years, You’ll Eat Insect Pizza Willingly


Future Climate Hysteria: Within 20 Years, You’ll Eat Insect Pizza Willingly

As disgraced movie and culture critic Sonny Bunch has noted, environmentalists make good movie villains because they want to make your life worse.

Climate cultists hate humanity and feel guilty for being part of it, so they want you to stop living your daily life in 2019.

They think feel human progress is a mistake. They hate all the things we’ve built. They scold us for driving to work, and now they’re even trying to stop us from taking electric trains to work.

These miserable misanthropes even hate food. Food! They’re ashamed of eating things that taste good, so they want you to eat bugs. Literally. Bugs.

I’ve put up with a lot of crap from these idiots, but I will not allow them to ruin Italy’s greatest achievement. Sean Keach, The Sun:

Most pizzas will be made using crushed-up insects in just 20 years, an expert claims…

That’s the bold claim by Tom Cheesewright, an applied futurist who helps paying clients predict the future…

“Even replacing 20%-25% of the grain used for bread with a protein-packed alternative such as crickets could transform our reliance on the planet’s resources such as water, energy and land.”

Okay, I just set a calendar reminder for January 1, 2039: Look around and see if anybody is eating pizza made of bugs.

Speaking of crickets, that’s what you’ll hear when you tell people that all you’ve got for them to eat are insects.

If humanity falls that far that fast, how will there even be any pizzerias left? If we’re reduced to eating bugs, it’ll be because we’re scrabbling in the dirt like peasants for absolutely anything fill our emaciated bellies.

In such a post-apocalyptic hellscape, there won’t be any Pizza Hut or Dominos. Papa John’s will not be replaced by Papa Jiminy’s. And there certainly won’t be any need for “futurists.”

That’s the guy’s real name, by the way: Tom Cheesewright. He actually says stuff like this for a living. Being a “futurist” sounds like a pretty sweet gig.

You get to sit around all day thinking of crazy things that will never happen in a million years, somebody pays you for it, and there are no consequences when you’re wrong. It’s like being a professional toddler.

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