Billionaire Tom Steyer Mentions Climate Change, CNN Moderators Move On To Other Topics CHRIS WHITE TECH REPORTER October 15, 201910:46 PM ET Billionaire Tom Steyer tried to bring up the climate change issue into the Democratic debate Tuesday but CNN did not appear interested in talking about the wealthy Californian’s signature issue. “Let’s go to the most important international problem that we’re facing, which no one has brought up, which […]

University of Alberta executive resigns over ‘controversial’ ad promoting the benefits of climate change University of Alberta executive resigns over controversial ad A University of Alberta vice-president has resigned her post over a billboard advertisement critics said promoted benefits of climate change. By JANET FRENCH Updated: September 30, 2019 A University of Alberta billboard that suggests that climate change could result in a beefier barley yields, along 178 […]

‘An academic hanging without a trial’: Scientist purged from her University for debunking polar bear climate fears Was this zoologist punished for telling school kids politically incorrect facts about polar bears? Dr. Susan Crockford describes her expulsion from the University of Victoria as ‘an academic hanging without a trial, conducted behind closed doors’ By Donna Laframboise A world-renowned expert in animal bone identification has lost her position at the University of […]