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Billionaire Tom Steyer Mentions Climate Change, CNN Moderators Move On To Other Topics


Billionaire Tom Steyer tried to bring up the climate change issue into the Democratic debate Tuesday but CNN did not appear interested in talking about the wealthy Californian’s signature issue.

“Let’s go to the most important international problem that we’re facing, which no one has brought up, which is climate. We can’t solve the climate crisis in the United States by ourselves. It’s an international crisis,” he said

Steyer added: “You look at what Mr. Trump is doing, of course he’s been bought by the oil and gas companies, but any problem that we’re going to do, specifically climate, we’re going to have to lead the world morally, we’re going to have to lead it technologically.”

CNN quickly changed the subject, shifting to one of the other candidate’s stance on Russian President Vladimir Putin. (RELATED: Watch Cory Booker’s Reaction After Discovering Billionaire Tom Steyer Made Dem Debate)


Steyer has staked his fledgling presidential campaign to two issues: impeaching President Donald Trump and fighting climate change.

Steyer plowed $6 million into the campaign in January, the bulk of which was slated for national cable and broadcast advertising in early presidential primary states like Iowa, Nevada and South Carolina. Approximately $2.5 million will go to television campaigns while another $3.5 million is expected to be plowed into a digital effort, according to media reports.

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