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Analysis: ‘Greta Thunberg Is the Tip of the Environmentalist Child Abuse Iceberg’

by Anders Ingemarson

A couple of weeks ago, Swedish teenager turned climate activist Greta Thunberg spoke at the U.N. Climate Action Summit in New York City. Her message was standard environmentalist preach speech:

“For more than 30 years, the science has been crystal clear. […] We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth.”

Greta is ignorant about (1) the fact that the science is not crystal clear as the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) continues to demonstrate, and (2) if there is indeed a problem, economic growth is the only way out as it will provide the resources required to address it.

But we shouldn’t chaste her for her ignorance. At 16 she is a product of her surroundings. She is the tip of an iceberg. Not an iceberg resulting from the contested melting of the polar ice caps due to asserted global warming, but the iceberg of cold-blooded, calculated environmentalist child abuse. Using a 16-year old as pawn in a high-stakes environmentalist game is morally abhorrent. Subjecting a whole generation of children to such “blunt-force fear” is a crime. As David Harsanyi writes in The Federalist:

“It should be noted that ‘blunt-force fear’ is indeed the correct way to describe the concerted misinformation that Thunberg has likely been subjected to since nursery school. There probably isn’t a public school in America that hasn’t plied the panic-stricken talk of environmental disaster in their auditoriums over and over again.”

And Jon Hersey writes in The Objective Standard:

“It is an appalling tragedy that, in fact, empty words did steal much of Greta’s childhood—words she’s spent irreplaceable hours learning to recite with a passion that makes her parents (an actor and an opera singer) proud. Greta, though, clearly isn’t acting. […] Not only are eco-alarmists destroying the lives of children, but they are unashamedly using them as fodder in their attack on human flourishing and the freedom that makes it possible.”

Throughout history collectivists have been acutely aware of the importance of indoctrinating the young to reach their deadly goals. The Nazi’s had their brown-shirted Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth), the Soviets their red-scarfed Young Pioneers, and the Chinese communists still have their ditto red-scarfed Chinese Communist Youth League. The results were and are generations of scarred men and women, all but a few unable to unlearn the propaganda drilled into them.

Environmentalists are following in their collectivist forebearers’ footsteps as evidenced by the Youth Summit at the aforementioned U.N. Climate Action Summit. Green shirts and scarves are not far behind—and a new generation of mentally molested children as demonstrated by Ms. Thunberg.

The iceberg of environmentalist child abuse can only be melted by societal climate change. It requires moral opposition to the one-sided propaganda children are subjected to in schools and in the media. And it requires a relentless focus on and communication of unbiased scientific facts until the molesters have evaporated. The “Capitalist Green New Deal” is a good place to start for a mind reset, and the NIPCC has a wealth of facts needed to challenge the “accepted truths” about climate change.