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College professor spends nearly $190K in federal grants on strip clubs, sports bars By Adrianna Rodriguez USA TODAY A former university professor in Philadelphia spent tens of thousands of dollars in federal money for local strip clubs and sports bars over a 10-year period, the Justice Department says. Dr. Chikaodinaka D. Nwankpa misused $189,062 of government grants from July 2007 through April 2017 while working at Drexel […]

Australian Professor converts to skeptic: How I changed my mind — about global warming By Australian Professor Bryon Sharp Most, if not all, people would consider themselves to be open-minded. Yet, if you ask someone to name an important belief that they have changed their mind about, in response to evidence and/or logic, most struggle to give even one example. This is the first in a series of […]

Climate Change: Reality vs Apocalyptic Rhetoric By Lushington D. Brady Listening to the apocalyptic shrieking of the Klimate Kids and the Extinction Rebellion nutters, it is clear that they are not staggeringly ignorant of “the science” they fetishise, but completely and utterly divorced from anything approaching reality. Like old-fashioned fire-and-brimstone preachers, scowling teenagers rant about the fire, tribulation and wailing […]

Analysis: ‘Greta Thunberg Is the Tip of the Environmentalist Child Abuse Iceberg’ by Anders Ingemarson A couple of weeks ago, Swedish teenager turned climate activist Greta Thunberg spoke at the U.N. Climate Action Summit in New York City. Her message was standard environmentalist preach speech: “For more than 30 years, the science has been crystal clear. […] We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is […]

Money Laundering: Shell to offset carbon emissions for British fuel buyers LONDON (Reuters) – Royal Dutch Shell said on Thursday it would offset the carbon dioxide emissions of around 1.5 million road users in Britain starting later this month under a loyalty scheme. FILE PHOTO: The Shell logo is seen at the 20th Middle East Oil & Gas Show and Conference (MOES 2017) in Manama, […]

Facebook removes false label from climate skeptics’ article By Jeff Horwitz Excerpt: The rules, which haven’t been announced, coincide with Facebook’s decision last week to remove a false designation from a Washington Examiner opinion piece, overriding the conclusion of one of its fact-check partners. That op-ed argued that global-warming climate models have been inaccurate and that the risks of climate change is […]

Physicist on Sea Ice: ‘There’s certainly no cause for alarm’ Shrinking Sea Ice: Evaluation of the Evidence By Physicist Dr. Ralph Alexander Most of us know about the loss of sea ice in the Arctic due to global warming. The dramatic reduction in summer ice cover, which has continued for almost 40 years, is frequently hyped by the mainstream media and climate activists as an example […]

Watch: Liz Wheeler: ‘HOW DARE YOU’: 10 reasons not to believe climate change criers

YAFTV Famous for her hard-hitting video segments, Liz Wheeler has built a career out of fighting the Left’s propaganda. Wheeler is the host of OAN’s “Tipping Point,” where she boldly takes on the claims of progressivism. As a young conservative, Wheeler works hard to spread conservative values among millenials by traveling the country and sharing […]