Viral Video: Watch Morano’s 1-hour interview debunking ‘global warming’ & explaining how the climate scare became a tool for the regulatory state

Marc Morano Interview with TFP Student Action – August 2019 233,994 views as of August 27, 2019 Celebrities, activists, environmentalist organizations, the UN, government entities and sadly, even the Vatican support the theory that humans cause climate change. However, in this exclusive interview, “global warming” expert and author Marc Morano gives you hard-hitting arguments and […]

G7 Success — One page and no new climate declaration By Jo Nova Winning:   The ABC news implied the G7 didn’t achieve much and was a bit of a flop with leaders “unable to overcome their differences…” and signing only a one page form. But for the rest of the world, the G7 was a big success  — nothing much happened and there were […]

‘We’re being lied to about the rainforest. The fires are not out of control…the Amazon is not the lungs of the world’…’More trees on Earth today than 35 years ago’ The myth of ecocide: So many lies are being told about the Amazon fires. By Brendan O’Neill So now we know: the idea that the Amazon rainforest is burning on an unprecedented scale and that these fires will rob humanity of one of its key sources of oxygen is fake news. It is hard […]

Analysis: Climate change lawsuit is meritless chicanery – ‘Can only unleash an economic Frankenstein monster upon our communities’ By Craig Richardson With little legal precedent to support his decision, Chief Judge William Smith of the U.S. District Court in Rhode Island remanded a politically driven climate change lawsuit case back to state court, effectively allowing the baseless claim that a few companies are solely responsible for all of the Earth’s climate change to […]

Physicist outraged: Stanford’s ‘physics for minorities’ is toxic racism Two more “pure ideological indoctrination” physics courses may be even worse Wrath-0f-Khan has pointed out a remarkable story in Breitbart Stanford Launches Physics Course for ‘Underrepresented’ Minority Students (see also Campus Reform) about a new Stanford physics course, Physics 41E. The content is supposed to be identical to Physics 41, a mechanics course, except that […]

L A Times anti-science propaganda campaign hyping Amazon fires – ‘False claims…complete lack of honest news integrity’ Guest essay by Larry Hamlin The L A Times is at it again pushing climate alarmist propaganda distortion, deception and dishonesty hyping the recent fires burning in the Amazon region. The Times reporter drones on about the magnitude of deforestation underway in the Amazon with the following inaccurate and hyped discussion: “Flames are spreading across the […]

Rush Limbaugh: Why Would the Obamas Buy a Climate Doomed Beach House? The Obamas have purchased beachfront property in Martha’s Vineyard. They’re gonna be so close to the Kennedys there that you could probably throw water balloons at each other. Multiple sources on Martha’s Vineyard say that the Obamas are now in escrow for the estate owned by the owner of the Boston Celtics. Barack Hussein […]

Climate crisis canceled: Where did all the drought go? ‘Entire state of California is free of drought’ By CFACT A record low amount of drought occurred in the United States in 2017, but that didn’t stop climate alarmists from blaming 2018 California wildfires on global warming. Yes, even though California state officials determined Pacific Gas & Electric power lines were to blame. So if global warming was a major factor in the 2018 wildfires, is […]

UN ‘sustainability’ conference in Salt Lake pushing ‘social justice’ Participants lucky enough to attend the session on “inclusive” cities and communities will have the opportunity to partake of such delicacies as “equality and social cohesion,” “place-making,” and “gender responsive urban and territorial development.” The post UN “sustainability” conference in Salt Lake pushing dangerous agendaappeared first on CFACT.