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G7 Success — One page and no new climate declaration

By Jo Nova

Winning:   The ABC news implied the G7 didn’t achieve much and was a bit of a flop with leaders “unable to overcome their differences…” and signing only a one page form. But for the rest of the world, the G7 was a big success  — nothing much happened and there were no long pledges to lead the world in weather changing voodoo. The document was 54 times smaller than the last G7 leaders statement.

Varney: Trump ‘dominated’ the G-7 summit ‘like no other president has done in years’

Stuart Varney, Staff, Fox News

“No matter what you read and hear from the media, this G-7 was all about Trump re-aligning the world — reshaping the world economy with America’s interests first and foremost,” said Varney on Fox Nation’s “My Take.”

After President Trump’s news conference, at the conclusion of the summit on Monday, CNN’s Jim Acosta said, ”I think perhaps one of the biggest headlines coming out of this press conference that we just witnessed here in France is that the President would not be pinned down on this question of climate change.”

Good governance means less government:

Peter Baker @peterbakernyt

TWEET: Peter Baker, Chief White House Correspondent for The New York Times and MSNBC analyst. Proud husband of Susan Glasser of the New Yorker and CNN.

With all the differences with Trump, the G7 leaders ended up releasing a largely general one-page statement that added up to 264 words. The last joint statement under Obama in 2016 was 14,263 words

That’s a 98% reduction in word pain.