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You have been Amazon.CONNED – NASA: Amazon Rainforest Burning At ‘Below Average’ Rates, Worst Since 2010 – Fires mostly farms, not forests – Bolivia’s ‘socialist’ Wildfires Ignored

Amazon Rainforest Round-Up

Amazon Fires – A Big, Fat Nothingburger of a #FakeNews Scare StoryThe fires are mainly in agricultural areas as farmers prepare their land for planting. The land was cleared in the past.

Day After Stating No Link, NY Times Blames Amazon Fires on ‘Global Warming’

Lies, Damn Lies, And Amazon Rainforest Fear-Mongering

FALSE ALARM: AMAZON BURNING IS MOSTLY FARMS, NOT FORESTS – So why are there so many fires? “Natural fires in the Amazon are rare, and the majority of these fires were set by farmers preparing Amazon-adjacent farmland for next year’s crops and pasture,” soberly explains The New York Times. “Much of the land that is burning was not old-growth rain forest, but land that had already been cleared of trees and set for agricultural use.”

Brazil’s Bolsonaro gets blamed for same Amazon fires also plaguing socialist Bolivia – But Media Ignores! – “The left is doing its level best to blame Brazil’s bush fires on Brazil’s conservative, Trump-like president, Jair Bolsonaro, and get him thrown out of office…Socialist President Evo Morales has openly encouraged what’s known, at least in Venezuela, as “conuco” agriculture, telling subsistance farmers it’s fine to set of fires to gather charcoal to sell for fuel or clear the land of brush for planting, and now he’s refusing international firefighting help.”

Bolivia’s Wildfires Ignored By The BBC – The Reason? ‘Evo Morales is a socialist, unlike Brazil’s Bolsonaro’ – Of course, Evo Morales is a socialist, unlike Brazil’s Bolsonaro. But I am sure that had nothing to do with the BBC’s lack of interest in this story!

NYT tamps down hysteria: ‘Much of the land that is burning was not old-growth rain forest, but land that had already been cleared of trees and set for agricultural use’But for current Amazon fires,  we want to know: not just the number of fires  (for which the NY Times has quite a different number  than Global Fire Data, which is shown above). . . .but instead: What is burning?

Watch: Morano on Fox with Varney: You have been Amazon.CONNED about rainforest fires & the Democratic Party is ducking climate debates & Inslee fails

Amazon rainforest fires at record high levels? ‘This is a blatant lie’ – Fires ‘nowhere close to a record so far in 2019’ – “The NY Times claims 2019 fires are way up, over 2018. That is correct. What they don’t say, is that about 1/2 the years BEFORE 2019 are higher, and about 1/2 are lower. Cherry picking of the first order.”

More water or more growth? Trees change their mind as CO2 grows

New Paper: CO2 Rise + Warming Are 91% Responsible For The Earth’s Accelerated Greening Trend Since 1990