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UN admits ‘historic’ Paris climate pact did not save Earth after-all! Now says: Cutting CO2 ‘not enough’ – ‘We must change food production to save the world’

The United Nations is now admitting that the much-hailed “historic” UN Paris climate pact did not “save” the planet and is instead “not enough” to prevent a climate change catastrophe! Despite being praised by former Vice President Al Gore, former Sec. of State John Kerry and many others, it appears the UN is demanding even […]

Greenland Ice Melt Shock – Media forgets that ice melts in the summer! Even if Greenland ice sheet continued to melt at this rate, it is it would take 12,500 years to melt Half of ice By James Delingpole Greenland just lost 11 billion tons of ice melted in one day because of this shocking weather event known as ‘summer’. CBS News‘s resident climate expert Ted Scambos [loving the poetry of that first syllable in his surname!] thinks this is worrying and unusual; so does the Washington Post, which declares […]

Exposed? Soros on List of Mega-Rich Extinction Rebellion Backers James Delingpole An anonymous source claims to have extracted lots of documents from Extinction Rebellion’s computer database and has put them up online. The documents, if genuine, seem to have been exposed through carelessness on the part of Extinction Rebellion, not a computer hack. Anyway, Paul Homewood has been filleting some of the best […]

Twilight of the Eco-Loons: Environmentalism Has Reached Peak Absurdity and Hypocrisy By James Delingpole This was the week when the global environmental movement reached peak hypocrisy, peak lunacy, peak absurdity. Consider the evidence: Dozens of Hollywood A-listers, pop stars and royalty including Leonardo Di Caprio, Katy Perry and Prince Harry raise awareness of global warming by flying to Sicily in 114 private jets to attend […]

STUDY: Men Being Eco-Friendly Can Cause Others To Question Sexual Orientation – Pro-environmental behavior considered ‘feminine’ UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Caring about the environment and putting in some extra work to help out our planet hardly seems like a gender-centric issue at first consideration, but a new study out of Penn State University finds that certain eco-friendly behaviors that are considered overly masculine or feminine can lead to inadvertent social […]

Environmental alarmism behind El Paso shootings – ‘He’s nothing more than a version of the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski’ By Tim Jones The El Paso shooter is a product of years, if not decades, of environmentalist hysteria. When a person carefully reads his manifesto, it is clear he’s nothing more than a version of the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, the man who tried singlehandedly to stop technological advances by mailing explosive devices that killed […]

Climate Expert or UN certified Seer? Joelle Gergis does ‘gut-wrenching’ grieving horror, volcanic rage

“We are witnessing catastrophic ecosystem collapse of the largest living organism on the planet.” “I am in the confronting position of being one of the few Australians who sees the terrifying reality of the climate crisis.” Remember when scientists were dispassionate, cautious people? Well, forget that. h/t ClimateDepot, Travis T, Jones @joellegergis By Jo […]