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Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends rips Google climate summit with celebrities – ‘Prince Harry speaks barefoot at this event. Nothing conveys moral authority like speaking barefoot’

Stars in mega yachts, jets flock to Google event on climate change

Aug. 02, 2019 – 5:11 – Celebrities face backlash over climate change hypocrisy; reaction from Marc Morano, executive editor of and author of ‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change.’


> Steve Doocy: 10 or 12 or something like that. Some of the left sounding the alarm on climate change naming it as the top threat at the second round of the debates. Meanwhile, the rich and famous attending Google’s climate change conference facing backlash after flocking to the event in Italy using over 100 private jets. Suggested helicopters and mega yachts. Joining us now the executive editor of climate and author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change, Marc Morano. Marc, good morning to you.

>> Marc Morano: Thank you, Steve. Happy to be here.

Doocy: You all these fat cats flying on over 100 private planes, why do you have a problem with that.

Morano: This is a typical average climate summit. Including the United Nations has its annual summit. The same thing happens. Private jets fly. They fly in chefs and serve caviar. They have lavish events that literally produce more than multiple African nations put together do in a year. In the case here with all this flying. Leonardo Decaprio’s flying is the equivalent of 10,000 cars on the roads. So this summit is just the latest where the Hollywood glitter ate come together and essentially mock little people do come in the most carbon dioxide intensive way and talk about real change for everybody else.

Doocy: Here here Leonardo Decaprio where he talks about how people need to that I can changes in their lifestyle.

Video of Dicaprio: “Climate change is the most fundamental and existential threat to our species. The solutions we seek require all of us to make real changes in the way we live our lives, operate our businesses and govern our communities.”

Doocy: So what do you say about that?

> Morano: It’s amazing. He went on to say get out of the ‘grip of fossil fuels’. This is one of the biggest disconnects in the climate we can call it comic relief. But in a real way they call it the greatest threat yet, they, themselves, can’t alter their lifestyle in any way, shape, or form. My favorite is the hosts’ of the event, the  Google co-founders, they have air yachts, a 767 airplane, a private airport. But they drive an electric car. Virtue signaling at its highest. At the same time, they will go out there and talk about how the world can transform and people will have to do with less while they live it up in the most lavish miles of private beach with private spas, yachts. Katy Perry also there worked for the U.N., talks about the danger to the children as she arrives that superyacht at this event to talk climate change.

Morano: The best is Prince Harry speaks barefoot at this event. Nothing says Sirius or moral authority I don’t go conveys moral authority like speaking barefoot. I almost didn’t wear shoes today because I wanted to come across with greater moral authority and connection to the Earth, Steve.

Doocy: Google has invited all these people, they are spending something like $20 million to do it. They are probably since they are talking about global warming. They probably are not releasing. This the impact of the Google camp attendees it has been estimated that with 114 private jets flights they released 100 metric tons of co2. They have yachts. They operate about 500 plus litters of diesel for an hour. So, you know, that’s just the fine print about how much it really cost the environment, I guess, to make it all happen.

Morano: Leonardo Decaprio’s famous quote I will fly anywhere in the world to talk about global warming. There is a severe disconnect here. They are literally talking about in their proposals things like the Green New Deal — which they all support. Limiting transportation, air travel, remaking our lives and putting austerity and limits on real people at the same time in order to talk about this and plan, they go all out and I mean in the most mockery and lavish way you can imagine.

We see this across the Bernie Sanders, actor Harrison Ford big activist admitted he has flown up the cheese plane to get a cheeseburger. Arnold Schwarzenegger used to commute to the governor’s mansion by private jet while at the same time urging Californians to air dry their clothes to save carbon dioxide emissions. This is just a big disconnect. And this turns off the public more than they will ever know. The public is disgusted by this kind of behavior.

Doocy: Do as I say not as I do. Marc Morano from Climate Thank you very much.

Morano: No more shoes for me.

Doocy: It’s the weekend. Thank you, Marc.



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