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The Global Warming Show — how’s it going to end?

Set aside whatever animus you may have for comedy actor Jim Carrey and his current hobby of painting vile anti-Trump cartoons.  In 1998, he headlined the dark satire movie The Truman Show, where his character Truman Burbank is unwittingly imprisoned from birth as the star in his own TV reality show.  Everything Truman believes is real is totally fake — his family, his friends, his workplace, the town he lives in, the weather he lives under — all fabricated and controlled by the show’s producer, “Christof” (played by Ed Harris).

Truman is a smart critical thinker, however, and spots too many glitches in his fake world.  A beautiful actress extra wearing a “How’s it going to end?” pin gives him a direct cue about this, but she’s forcibly removed from the set, prompting him to plan an escape to find her.  Ultimately, it is the truth of the whole situation she told him which sets him free.

Truman: “Was nothing real?”

Christof: “You were real. That’s what made you so good to watch. There is no more truth out there than there is in the world I created for you. The same lies, the same deceit. But in my world, you have nothing to fear.”

In “The Global Warming Show” being broadcast by the global warming industry, the difference is that the Truman Burbanks within it have everything to fear after watching mainstream media reports or seeing Google search results on “climate change” — rising sea levels from a melting Arctic are decimating the starving polar bear population and inundating Miami with floods, while extreme violent weather is ever more frequent.  Despite the scripted 97% scientific consensus behind the well intended imperative to stop this impending calamity, a sinister fossil fuel industry disinformation campaign employs skeptic “liars for hire” scientists to undercut it.

However, when critical thinkers take the effort to go far beyond superficial Google searches and media reports of the issue, they begin spotting all the glitches: skeptic climate scientists tell in mind-blowing levels of detail how the seas aren’t rising, nor is the Arctic melting at any noticeable rate; polar bear populations are on the increase; the Miami area suffers from land subsidence; past historical records show as many or more devastating weather events; a show of hands is a logical fallacy that never validates scientific conclusions; and places like the PBS NewsHour never inform their viewers about the science-based analysis from skeptic climate scientists.  Even the term “climate change” is a ruse to cover up the plateauing of the average world temperature over the last 15-plus years, while Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Svengali admits that her Green New Deal is nothing more than a plan to gain full control of the private economy.  What about sinister industry disinformation efforts?  It turns out the “Pulitzer-winning reporter” Al Gore claims discovered leaked memos proving this conspiracy never actually won a Pulitzer and wasn’t the first to quote those memos, and those memos neither prove any such pay-for-performance arrangement exists between skeptic climate scientists and industry executives, nor were they even part of an old public relations campaign that Gore and that “reporter” say they were.

“The Global Warming Show” was never actually about saving the planet.  It’s all about dictatorial control over everything…and no doubt, it was good for the Al “Christof” Gores in the issue to watch how the fear they created caused money to pour into their wallets.  But to accomplish this, they had to fabricate a fake world where no opposition exists.

How’s it going to end?  Ultimately, it is the truth found in the reports from skeptic climate scientists that will set us free to know with certainty that there’s nothing to fear after all about this issue, whereupon we can hold the people behind this fake issue and the complicit news media accountable for their lies and deceit.

Russell Cook is the publisher of the Gelbspan Files website, documenting the fraudulent claims that oil and coal industries pay climate skeptics to oppose the global warming doom-sayers.  His archive of American Thinker articles can be found here.