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UN report warns coming ‘climate apartheid’ will split Earth between ‘those who escape’ and ‘those who will suffer’ By Chris Ciaccia | Fox News A particularly dire report from the United Nations Human Rights Council has upped the ante in the fight against climate change, warning that a potential “climate apartheid” could fracture the global population, splitting the planet between the wealthy and the rest of the world who will be “left to suffer.” […]

Rush Limbaugh: Prince Charles Issues Dire Climate Warning (Again) Folks, this bunch of leftists has literally destroyed the mental health of … I’m afraid to guess how many millions of young people have been driven to serious mental illness because of this bogus, fallacious, absurd, ridiculous — It’s not helped when Prince Charles comes out and says we’ve only got 18 months or […]

The Global Warming Show — how’s it going to end? By Russell Cook Set aside whatever animus you may have for comedy actor Jim Carrey and his current hobby of painting vile anti-Trump cartoons.  In 1998, he headlined the dark satire movie The Truman Show, where his character Truman Burbank is unwittingly imprisoned from birth as the star in his own TV reality show.  Everything Truman believes is […]