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The New Republic: ‘Morano is not some random crackpot…he’s an influential crackpot’


The climate-denier conspiracy theories continue to this day. Just last week, congressional Republicans invited a man named Marc Morano to testify at a House hearing on the recent United Nations report showing that humans are causing a mass species extinction. Morano called the report a “science con,” accusing the U.N. of putting out “authoritative propaganda” in order to gain “more regulatory control of the economy and people’s lives.” He also accused U.N. officials at the hearing of being in on this alleged scheme, for which he offered no concrete evidence.

Morano is not some random crackpot. Formerly Inhofe’s communications director, he now leads communications for the Committee For a Constructive Tomorrow, a conservative think tank partially funded by oil interests, and is executive director of Climate Depot, a sort of Drudge Report for climate deniers. In other words, he’s an influential crackpot.

Climate deniers like Morano and his former boss are nothing if not consistent in their rhetoric: Anyone who calls for urgent action on climate change is a hysterical alarmist, and any action on climate change will kill jobs, tank the economy, and rob Americans of their freedom. “Alarmists are distracting Americans from the pain the Obama administration’s regulations will inflict on our economy while failing to make a significant impact on climate change,” Inhofe wrote in 2015.

Or just look at the recent headlines on CFACT’s website: “Climate hysteria,” “Freedom under assault,” “‘Extinction crisis’ speciously targets free markets,” “Environmental indoctrination in our schools”…

It’s clear who the real alarmists are. Yes, rational people who accept the scientific consensus about climate change are generally “alarmed” by it, just as they’re alarmed that one of the two major parties in America refuses to accept that consensus.