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Al Gore accused of ‘last minute interference’ into Australian Election – Group seeks investigation ‘into foreign electoral interference and ABC complicity’

May 18, 2019 Last Minute Interference by Al Gore and the ABC into the Australian Election by Viv Forbes, Executive Director, the Saltbush Club, Australia. The Saltbush Club today called for an enquiry into a last minute intervention by an American politician, Al Gore, into the Australian Election. The Executive Director of the Saltbush Club, […]

Delingpole: Guardian Invents Scary New Name for ‘Global Warming’ — ‘Global Heating’ By James Delinpole The Guardian newspaper has decided to change the name ‘global warming’ because it doesn’t sound scary enough. From now on, the Guardian‘s editor-in-chief Kath Viner has ordered, ‘global warming’ is to be called ‘global heating.’ This, apparently, will more closely reflect the “scale of the climate and wildlife crises” now afflicting Mother Gaia. Here is the […]

Newspaper updates style: Climate change now ‘climate emergency, crisis or breakdown’ BY RACHEL FRAZIN – The British newspaper The Guardian is changing its style guidelines to no longer recommend the use of the phrases “climate change” and “global warning.” The Guardian will instead use “climate emergency, crisis or breakdown” instead of “climate change” and “global heating” instead of “global warming” although the other phrases won’t be prohibited. […]


+BREAKING+ The Guardian's editor has just issued this new guidance to all staff on language to use when writing about climate change and the environment… — Leo Hickman (@LeoHickman) May 17, 2019 BY MICHAEL BASTASCH A major U.K.-based newspaper will swap out the terms “climate change” and “global warming” for “stronger language to […]

UN claims debunked: Studies Indicate Species Extinctions Decline With Warming – ‘Since the 1870s, species extinction rates have been plummeting’ – Habitat loss & predator introduction biggest threat — Not warming Recent Studies Indicate Species Extinctions Decline With Warming – Mass Extinction Events Due To COOLING – By Kenneth Richard During the last few hundred years, species extinctions primarily occurred due to habitat loss and predator introduction on islands.  Extinctions have not been linked to a warming climate or higher CO2 levels.  In fact, since […]

Watch: Kid climate activists shame parents for failing to act on climate: ‘Mom, Dad, we have to talk. When did you know that the sea level was rising and the beaches were shrinking?’

Meet the Inheritors of #ClimateChange."Mom, Dad…We need to talk…When did you know that the sea level was rising? …that the water was so warm that the coral was dying? How did this happen? You knew this was happening?! And you did NOTHING?!" #EarthDay — The CLEO Institute (@CLEOInstitute) April 22, 2019   The […]

Watch teen climate school striker Greta’s message to Trump & her granting of more time! ‘We still have time. That time will not last long. So we need to do something. Now we need to do it quickly’

Watch video here: 16-year-old climate activist @GretaThunberg says she “has nothing to say” to people who don’t believe in climate change – including President Trump. There is no time to waste, there is no planet B. Greta Thunberg: “Many people think that climate change is an opinion. But it’s not an opinion it’s a […]

Times of India column: ‘Climate science violates the basic precepts of science’ By Sanjeev Sabhlok There are two key pillars of science. First, it doesn’t matter how many “scientists” believe something. All of them could be proven wrong by a single new scientific theory or experiment. Science is always tentatively proven, and it is incumbent on everyone who calls himself a scientist to ask questions even […]

Is California ready to ban gas-powered cars? Not yet. But they’re thinking about it By Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY LOS ANGELES — California without gasoline-burning cars? The idea is starting to be floated. A top regulator came close Thursday, but ultimately backed away from directly raising the notion of giving the boot to exhaust-belching automobiles, a staple of life in the freeway-happy Golden State for more than a […]

Paper: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is ‘ a climate fanatic who takes three SUVs to the gym’ Climate change campaigner takes three police SUVs 11 miles virtually every day to go to his gym. … Most notoriously of all, he has preached for years about the need to change lifestyles because of the challenge of climate change. But virtually every weekday, he is driven 11 miles in a convoy of three […]