Paper: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is ‘ a climate fanatic who takes three SUVs to the gym’

Climate change campaigner takes three police SUVs 11 miles virtually every day to go to his gym.

Most notoriously of all, he has preached for years about the need to change lifestyles because of the challenge of climate change.

But virtually every weekday, he is driven 11 miles in a convoy of three gas-guzzling police SUVs so he can work out in the YMCA near his Brooklyn properties, instead of using a gym near his Upper East Side residence.

The gym is, incidentally, close to a subway station, and the mayor’s 9am workouts suggest he doesn’t get to his City Hall desk until much later in the morning.

The police SUVs have spawned another minor hypocrisy soap opera in recent weeks, with the revelation he was involved in a crash in Harlem in 2015 where his car was on the wrong side of the street with siren and lights on to get him to an event.

The crash was covered up, internal police text messages revealed, and the mayor spoke out against delivery drivers on bicycles using the wrong side of the street, undeterred by having done it himself.