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Watch: Morano on TV on Earth Day or ‘Pagan Easter’ & NYT touted study on Morano on Study touted by NYT: ‘Global Wealth Gap’ caused by climate change – It’s all ‘about wealth redistribution’


Watch: (beings at 1 hour 2 minutes into video)

The Brett Winterble Show (04/23/2019) – Newsmax TV

Auto Generated Transcript: 

Brett Winterble: We’ll get into that straight ahead but first let me welcome back to the program he is our very good friend, he is Marc Morano The Day After Earth Day. I like to call it ‘pagan Easter’. That’s what we had celebrated yesterday around this country his people went out and they licked in order, and then they and they they got on their hands and knees and they they scrubbed. They scrub the beach, there’s all kinds of things like that yesterday but the crazy reporting coming out, whether it’s Bill de Blasio declaring it into steel and glass and skyscraper building, I guess we’re going to go to balsa wood and saran wrap income inequality is exacerbated by climate change, help me out Marc Morano of helped me navigate these crazy shark infested waters.

Marc Morano: Well yes we had Earth Day and it just reminded my Earth days of Vladmir Lenin’s birthday, April 22. The first Earth Day 1970 actually one of the big concerns the first Earth Day was global cooling and legitimately pollution and here’s the story fossil fuels technology have radically improved and cleaned up our nation’s rivers air pollution and save the trees and forests and everything else. We have radically improved increased our population since 1970. We’ve increased economic growth at the same time cleaning our air and water quality. It’s a big environmental success story in the United States, and we’re even going into a hyper mode now with first of all new coal plants being. I think, one in 90% cleaner than previous ones and now fracking has changed the equation, even if you’re worried about carbon dioxide which you shouldn’t be. You should be embracing fracking and nuclear energy, two things, but the Earth Day call it will never embrace.

Brett Winterble: Welcome to your stakeholders around saying, Let’s plant more trees more trees more trees more trees. They ain’t carbon dioxide we could fix the whole problem with trees goodly.

Marc Morano: I remember the old 70s it really wasn’t that a terms of the mainstream Earth Day was just a day to be concerned about your local area parks and clean up and picking up trash remember the old ad with the didn’t in crime because the pollution. That’s all legitimate ad but what Earth Day has morphed into now and I, I know that I attended and uncovered as a journalist Earth Day 2000 and Washington DC Leonardo DiCaprio showed up at a stretch limousine to go visit at the White House right before Clinton transferred over to the Bush —– the last year the Clinton. DiCaprio met with Al Gore.

Chevy Chase, the actor from Saturday Night Live and Fletch on vacation was there, and his message was ‘socialism works’, Cuba is the model. And he was widely ridiculed back in the year 2000.  Today Chevy Chase is considered a conservative among this crowd I mean that’s that’s how far this has moved that was a radical sentiment, almost 20 years ago that socialism works to was the model. Now, they’re all embracing socialism for the United States that’s what the agenda is come to.

Brett Winterble: Alright, so tell me about this report that comes out of the the the sketchy eurocrats who are trying to make the argument that climate change has exacerbated income inequality has made it worse, that’s due to the climate change. I always think about the British Royals and the French Royals way back once upon a time, Louie the 16th, he didn’t have an internal combustion engine he would have a coal fired plant, what’s going on here. How is it, how is it that today we’ve got, climate change, causing income inequality, but not back in the caveman days.

Marc Morano: Well you let me just make a point about you mentioned the you know Louis and the kings and France and England capitalism in a fossil fuels, have been an innovator. Now, everyone can live like a king and the 17th or 18th century even the poorest people, because all those things that you had servants for that you had stack, and then you had all at your fingertips that could only happen in a giant castle the kingdom, are now available through technology even in public housing in the United States so it’s an amazing feat, what has occurred, but here’s what’s happening.

New York Times touting a peer-reviewed study in the journal the National Academy of Sciences. Now this study is claiming that since 1960 crazily, and warming is human-caused and therefore evil and bad, but that any the countries that have warmed have not fared well compared to the countries that have warm less Now the problem with this study is they’re looking at only temperature they’re blaming all temperature and humans, and most shockingly they’re actually implying. (Study touted by NYT: ‘Global Wealth Gap Would Be Smaller Today Without Climate Change’ – Claims based on ‘more than 20 climate models’) They’re not looking at the other factors they’re saying that northern countries did whether it’s did better. Well, typically the equator has been the least you know the poorest economic situation that predates any concern over climate. So I think what they’re looking at here, economic socioeconomic factors and election factors democracy, freedom, all sorts of factors but they’re trying to tie it all down to climate. It is the most absurd study, but it’s an important study, because this study the New York Times is touting about income inequality and global warming, making it worse.

All goes hand in hand with what President Obama did with the UN Paris agreement, which is about wealth redistribution a Global Climate Fund, where the United States wants to contribute 100 billion dollars, and we’re going to be distributing money to the poor countries to compensate for the fact that we have a missions and we cause global warming, which is making them poor, none of which is, you know, and any way scientific and even logical in any way you could follow.

Brett Winterble: It’s amazing to look at that and yet we have our own comrades, we have comrade Bill de Blasio there in New York City coming out yesterday and declaring unilaterally as mayor, that New York City was going to adopt the new Green Deal the green New Deal the green screen whatever you want to call it. And this would include getting rid of the pollution from skyscrapers by banning the use of steel and glass and building buildings I don’t know about your life experience Marc Morano but I have noticed in my life experience that you can only build a building so tall out of wood. Okay, you can’t you can’t you can only build a building showed call out of stone. What do we steal is one of the great innovations of human times are you kidding me Carnegie was in genius, and he made all of our lives, eminently better. What is de Blasio proposing here.

Marc Morano: Well first of all, the NYC Mayor is just following a long line. Yeah, I was working the United States Senate Environment Public Works Committee they had a whole thing about green buildings, this is 10 or 15 years ago, this has been around for decades this whole movement, and it wasn’t the new green New Deal remember one of AOC green New Deal proposals was does that essentially tear down existing buildings and rebuild them green. They’re looking at how buildings have higher emissions and they’re inefficient by building skyscrapers so here’s the thing, when New York City be New York City would Manhattan be Manhattan, if they had to go with sort of an urban sprawl a low, low, low story for story buildings made out of bamboo wouldn’t even exist, if you had the standards the green New Deal. So what he’s trying to do and this is just nonsensical virtual statement, I can’t imagine that there’s going to be other than just higher fees regulations delays for new skyscrapers, I can’t imagine it’s actually gonna have any, you know, real impact, other than the city making more money which really is what the climate whole movement is really all about anyway so in that sense, it’ll be successful, but I actually don’t see them destroying skyscrapers or even preventing future ones New York City, you wouldn’t think the liberals in New York City would have their limits, I’m not so sure anymore. It was the same city that accepted that the soda limitations on how big the soda tax how biggest soda you could be served. Is that still in play. I’m not even sure of that but it has been repealed or not but it’s it’s a it’s a crazy city that deserves the green new deal to be imposed upon them I certainly would welcome at New York City because they’re the biggest chest beaters for this green New Deal.

Brett Winterble: And it’s just cookery at its worst story I want folks to go and check out  for all the great stuff that you post over there on a story by story basis and of course, the politically incorrect guide to climate change, get it just in time for spring break or maybe your summer is your kids come back from college, fill their heads with some information and counteract the nonsense coming from a bunch of professors, with their tweet jackets yelling at your kids. Thanks so much for coming by Marc Morano We always appreciate your time and look forward to our next visit.

No, I think I’m wearing a tweed jacket today so I’ll give it as a professor today. Thank you. Thank you, Pat appreciate it.
Perfect Professor Marc Morano always love Morano gun like, Well thank you phone calls as well your reaction.

Study touted by NYT: ‘Global Wealth Gap Would Be Smaller Today Without Climate Change’ – Claims based on ‘more than 20 climate models’