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Watch: Morano on Hannity on Fox News: Green New Deal is a ‘solution’ recycled from past eco-scares – ‘It’s always a different environmental scare, the same solution’

Fox News Channel – Hannity – Sean Hannity host – Broadcast March 18, 2019 – Marc Morano & CEI’s Chris Horner 

Video also available here:

Hannity: “Here now for reaction, the author of the book ‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change and publisher, Marc Morano:

Marc Morano: “Actually and my book I have a whole chapter on this in the 1960s and 70s the environmental movement became radicalized and you can go back in the 1970s John Holdren Obama’s former science was out there promoting redistribution of wealth in order to fight what he saw as the greatest environmental threat — the existential threat at that time overpopulation — which is now collapsed as a fear. And then moving forward you had other professors in the 1970s warning that we needed global government in order to fight environmental degradation and other issues.

If you go go forward in the 70s and 80s you had all these other environmental scares. All they’ve done is replaced global warming or now climate change with what used to such scares as resource scarcity, overpopulation the Amazon rainforest disappearing scare. It’s always a different environmental scare, the same solution.

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