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Rise of youth climate activism fuels alarm over exploitation – ‘Kids have been indoctrinated in climate doomsday nonsense since kindergarten’ Motivated or manipulated? Rise of youth climate activism fuels alarm over exploitation By Valerie Richardson Kids are fast becoming the face of the climate change movement as teenagers, ‘tweens and even younger children file lawsuits, stage walkouts and lobby lawmakers. But newly released documents have raised questions about whether the students are being motivated or […]

Dr. Happer is the Right Person to Lead an Objective Federal Climate Commission Dr. Happer is the Right Person to Lead an Objective Federal Climate Commission By Sterling Burnett The left-wing media’s rumor mill has been rumbling in recent weeks like an upset stomach in need of an antacid at the thought President Donald Trump will soon form a Presidential Commission on Climate Security (PCCS) to […]

The ‘Green New Deal’ Ignores the Wonders of Fossil Fuels by Dr. Jay Lehr & Tom Harris In one of the least shocking developments thus far in 2019, Ivory Tower elites, environmentalists, liberal media talking heads, and a bevy of left-wing politicos have all hopped on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) “Green New Deal” bandwagon. If passed into law—as unlikely as that might seem—the Green […]

Presidential Committee on Climate: An overdue return to science By Jason Ross: President Donald Trump plans to appoint a panel to find out if man-made climate change is actually causing an imminent, irreversible, insurmountable, inescapable crisis that threatens not only the entire human species, but planet Earth as a whole. Shouldn’t we find out whether there truly is an impending catastrophe before allocating […]

Polar bear habitat update: abundant sea ice across the Arctic, even in the Barents Sea By Susan Crockford Abundant ice in Svalbard, East Greenland and the Labrador Sea is excellent news for the spring feeding season ahead because this is when bears truly need the presence of ice for hunting and mating. As far as I can tell, sea ice has not reached Bear Island, Norway at this time of year […]

Al Gore-led group encourages students to ditch school for climate strike International Youth Climate Strike scheduled for Friday Former U.S vice president and climate activist Al Gore makes a speech on acting for climate to participants in a U.N. climate summit that is to work out ways of keeping global warming in check, in Katowice, Poland, Wednesday, Dec. … more > By Valerie Richardson – The Washington Times […]

WINNING… BURN MORE COAL defeats Duke Energy, Exelon at SEC; Shareholder proposals for greenwashing audit to be voted on at annual meeting BURN MORE COAL wins the right to talk greenwashing, coal, climate at the annual shareholder meetings of Duke Energy and Exelon, and to have shareholders vote on our Greenwashing Audit proposals. YUGE. Here is our Duke Energy proposal. Here is Duke’s bid to get SEC permission to stop our proposal. Here is our response. Here is the SEC decision. Here is our […]

BUSTED: GREENPEACE’S OWN WEBSITE LISTED PATRICK MOORE AS ONE OF ‘THE FOUNDERS OF GREENPEACE’ – MOORE CALLS OUT HIS FORMER GROUP FOR ‘HISTORICAL REVISIONISM’ Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore had some harsh words for the environmental group he spent years leading. Moore shot back at Greenpeace for, once again, trying to claim he was not a co-founder, despite listing him as one on their website for years. “This is a case of historical revisionism,” Moore said in an interview. […]

NEW RECORDS EXPOSE CHILDREN’S MARCHES AS LONG-PLANNED COMPONENT OF CLIMATE LITIGATION CAMPAIGN Climate Litigation Watch Newly obtained public records reveal that the recruitment of young children for strikes and demonstrations are a long-planned component of the climate industry’s litigation campaign Newly obtained public records reveal that the recent wave of private “climate” litigation and state attorneys general (AGs) investigations was not only laid out behind closed […]

How liberal environmental activists infiltrated CPAC How liberal environmental activists infiltrated CPAC by Kevin Mooney Young conservatives who are attuned to the high costs of the Green New Deal and acquainted with updated research that debunks climate alarmism need to step up their game. Otherwise, they could lose out to a sly marketing campaign backed by well-funded, left-wing environmentalists that is targeting their age […]